• AD9833 - Not oscillating 300mv O/P


    I've pretty much copied the UG-272 schematic and made a board up, but when testing I just get a static 300mV output.

    On power up there's 300mV, drops down to about 100mV, then down to 0V and back to 300mV.

    I've followed the AN-1070 and followed…

  • RE: AD9833-CLK function

    Hi, Imtiyaz,

        Interestingly, in spite of the difference in description between the ML2036 & AD9833, the serial programming waveforms are very similar between the two products (ML2036 datasheet, p7 & AD9833, p3), when FSYNC on the AD9833 is used for LATI…

  • AD9833 using NI 8451


    I am using AD9833 to generate sine wave of centain freq and NI 8451 to write data to AD9833.

    we are using EVAL-AD9833SDZ evaluation board in place of AD9833 and writing the below data to the control and freq register,


    0x2100—Control Register…

  • AD9833: Difference between AD9833 and AD9834

    I want to use one of these two DDS chips (AD9833/AD9834) to generate a square
    wave signal of 10...90kHz from a 7.2Mhz clock. All I need is a square wave
    output. I therefore don't need the DAC running but intend to use the MSB output
  • I want to simulate with AD9833. For that i need SPICE model (library file) of AD9833. So please let me know where do I get it or is there any simulation software for that?. Thank you


    I need SPICE model of AD9833. So please let me know where it is available or is there any separate simulation software to simulate the circuit AD9833. So please let me know the details of it.

    Thanks and Regards

    Thippeswamy H U 

  • RE: AD9833 Perfect Square wave but no Triangle or Sin

    I have concluded that the AD9833 I had been using was ether faulty or Damaged and would not produce a SIN or TRIANGLE Waveform. By replacing the Chip with a second AD9833, it worked right off the bat with no change to the code I had been using.


  • RE: AD9833 Frequency Not getting updated

    Hi Musach,

    So what is the correct SPI mode to use with AD9833


    If I compare the waveform given in AD9833 for SPI & mine it seems the driving edge is falling edge of clock and sampling edge is positive edge. So is it not same as given in datasheet…

  • RE: 3 x 400Hz Sine Generator

    Thank  you for this information, in fact, this component corresponds to our  needs, but do you think it is possible to achieve what we want to do with 3  AD9833?
    Is there a way to synchronize 3 AD9833 way to have a phase shift of 2Pi / 3?

    Thank you in a…

  • Question on AD9833

    Hi, I am using AD9833 to generate a sine wave whose frequency is from 0.1Hz to 10kHz, the amplitude is 20mV and DC offset is 2.5V. The output of AD9833 is from 38mV to 650mV. What should I do to change the DC offset and amplitude? Thanks!

  • how to make a AD9833 be synchronous with another signal source

    Hi, all

    Anybody can help to answer this question?

    In my system, I need use AD9833 to be synchronous with another signal source, or with a constant phase(same frequency).

    In the specification, AD9833 use the soft code to reset the DAC out. But how…