• AD9833


    I am trying to use an AD9833 to generate a square wave. I am very new to electronics, and am having trouble understanding the MCLK pin. What hardware do I need to feed this pin? Will an NE555 do the trick?

    Thanks for any help!

  • AD9833


    I would like to ask a question about AD9833.

    ANALOG DEVICES recommends that VDD pin should be connected 0.1uF and 10uF decoupling capacitors

    and CAP pin should be connected 0.1uF decoupling capasitor in datasheet Page.6.

    However VDD pin is…

  • AD9833

    我现在选用AD9833来产生30-100KHZ的TTL方波,但AD9833只能输出正弦波和三角波,且最大幅值为0.65V.  我电路后级接了比较器,但是比较器不能输出波形,(AD9833波形正常),是不是AD9833波形太弱了需要先放大再进比较器呢??谢谢,盼解答

  • AD9833


    I am using AD9833 to generate a 134kHz square wave. MCLK=11.0092MHz. The output square wave does not have uniform period. Eight pulses have the same period and then the next one has slightly longer period. Later, I found out the difference is one…

  • AD9833

    I have some problem with AD9833.

    My MCU is DsPIC30F4011

    I send SPI data ex.


    void AD9833setFreq(long freq )
    long FreqWord = (freq << 28) / 25000000L ;
    int MSB = (int)((FreqWord & 0xFFFC000) >> 14);
    int LSB …

  • EVAL-AD9833 board


    I have a Eval-AD9833SDZ board and also EVAL-SDP-CB1Z board to communicate with ad9833. But I need an information that how much lowest frequency I can get from AD9833 board by using EVAL-SDP-CB1Z board with ad9833 internal clk (25MHz).


  • RE: AD9833 Output Voltage Variation

    I would like to use a the AD9833 to produce a triangular waveform for a VCO but the output voltage of the AD9833 is 0.65 V. Is it possible to use a voltage amplifier to increase the voltage up to 6-7 V?

  • How do I simulate AD9833?


    I want to simulate with AD9833. So i need any simulation software. Please let me know is there any Simulation Software that contain AD9833 IC.

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  • Frequency Changing Time of AD9831 and AD9833

    Not sure how many time do AD9831 and AD9833  spend to change the output frequency? That is, if I want to change the output frequency, then what's the fatest timing for AD9831 and AD9833?

    Hope I describe my questions clearly.


  • AD9833 - Quasitrapezoidal waveform


    It is known that AD9833 Programmable Waveform Generator can generate Sinusoidal/Triangular/Square Wave Outputs. However, in our application, we need Quasitrapezoidal waveform. Is it possible to generate this waveform by programming AD9833?