• AD9833: Sine generator

    What is the precison can I except on temperature range: the output is 0.65V max
    +/- ???
    Do you confirm that the rejection of 2nd harmonic is 65 dB.


    The frequency precision of any DDS system is as good
    as its reference frequency.…
  • AD9833 clock sync

    Hi All

    I would like to sync 2 AD9833 together and just change the phase of one of them relative to the other in 1 Deg increments.

    I see it is possible to use multiple AD9833 on one Arduino, but not sure if they are able to sync together like described…

  • AD9833 Vout voltage

    Hi All!

    How can I calculate the Vout voltage of AD9833? I found the equation in the datasheet but some data are missing from the datasheet.

    Here is the equation:

    VOUT = VREF × 18 × RLOAD / RSET × (1 + (SIN (2π (FREQREG × fMCLK × t/2^28 + PHASEREG …

  • Vout AD9833


    how to set as the voltage output of a sine wave generator in the AD9833?


  • Problem AD9833

    Hi all,

    I am trying to create an application with AD9833 and i can´t change frequency. I think my problem is in the inicializaciton process. When I send Reset command to device it start generating an output signal even without release reset bit.


  • AD9833 Amplification

    Hi. I am using an AD9833 as a signal generator but the output is only less than 300mV but I need to have at least 3 V. How do I ampify to signal like this? 

  • AD9833 Amplification

    Hi there, 

    I was wondering if anyone could point me to some information on a working amplification circuit for the output of the AD9833. I would also like to place a 10 kHz Low pass filter. Is there SPICE model of this available or what circuit simulation…

  • AD9833 Output Filter

    Hey there,

    I am currently trying to create an output filter to remove the harmonics created by the AD9833 DDS and wondering about the 200 ohm output resistance, which looks to be in parallel with the output. I am trying to design a 5th order elliptical…

  • AD9833 Output Issues

    I'm using the AD9833 to generate a varying sine wave to measure impedances, but my output is nonsensical. It's outputting a waveform with random high and low frequency components. I've checked and double checked the code I wrote to run it and it's working…

  • AD9833 Phase register


    I want to write code to change the phase registers of an AD9833 chip but it is not clear from the description on the data sheet how to do this. From my understanding a 16 bit control word followed by a 16 bit update word is needed. I don't know what…