• AD9833的高温替换芯片哪个比较合适?






  • Sawtooth signal generation by using AD9833

    Hi everyone,

    Can i generate sawtooth signal only using AD9833?I saw something that i have to use AD9833 and AD9834 together to generate sawtooth signal.Have to i use AD9833 and AD9834 together for generation sawtooth signal?

  • AD 9833 overclocking


        We want to generate a sine waveform of around 5-10Mhz for medical applications. The board was designed by a team member using AD9833 and 50Mhz clock. Now we realize that AD9833 gives a noise prone sine wave output at frequencys greater than 3MHz…

  • Can you change the output amplitude of the AD9833?

    As the AD9833 has a minimum output voltage of 38mV and a maximum of 650mV, I was wondering if it's possible to program the AD9833 to change the minimum and maximum output voltage.

  • some questions about the current of AD9833

    hello, what is the current of AD9833? I have try to find it in the datasheet, but I don't find it.

    and,Does the current of AD9833 change with the frequency? 

  • AD9833 Evaluation Board Labview Code

    Hi Folks,

    I am currenly doing an evalaution for the AD9833. Could I have a copy of the Labview code for the AD9833 evaluation board?



  • SPI Configuration for AD9833


    I use C8051 MCU to control the AD9833 and some other SPI devices.

    Except for the AD9833 I have to configure the SCLK with the clock pole idle at HIGH level state (CKPOL=1, CKPHA=0) and all other devices using CKPOL=0, CKPHA=0   

    I make 2 different…

  • AD9833

    我现在选用AD9833来产生30-100KHZ的TTL方波,但AD9833只能输出正弦波和三角波,且最大幅值为0.65V.  我电路后级接了比较器,但是比较器不能输出波形,(AD9833波形正常),是不是AD9833波形太弱了需要先放大再进比较器呢??谢谢,盼解答

  • AD9833


    I would like to ask a question about AD9833.

    ANALOG DEVICES recommends that VDD pin should be connected 0.1uF and 10uF decoupling capacitors

    and CAP pin should be connected 0.1uF decoupling capasitor in datasheet Page.6.

    However VDD pin is…