• AD9833的高温替换芯片哪个比较合适?






  • Sawtooth signal generation by using AD9833

    Hi everyone,

    Can i generate sawtooth signal only using AD9833?I saw something that i have to use AD9833 and AD9834 together to generate sawtooth signal.Have to i use AD9833 and AD9834 together for generation sawtooth signal?

  • Can you change the output amplitude of the AD9833?

    As the AD9833 has a minimum output voltage of 38mV and a maximum of 650mV, I was wondering if it's possible to program the AD9833 to change the minimum and maximum output voltage.

  • AD 9833 overclocking


        We want to generate a sine waveform of around 5-10Mhz for medical applications. The board was designed by a team member using AD9833 and 50Mhz clock. Now we realize that AD9833 gives a noise prone sine wave output at frequencys greater than 3MHz…

  • some questions about the current of AD9833

    hello, what is the current of AD9833? I have try to find it in the datasheet, but I don't find it.

    and,Does the current of AD9833 change with the frequency? 

  • AD9833 Evaluation Board Labview Code

    Hi Folks,

    I am currenly doing an evalaution for the AD9833. Could I have a copy of the Labview code for the AD9833 evaluation board?



  • SPI Configuration for AD9833


    I use C8051 MCU to control the AD9833 and some other SPI devices.

    Except for the AD9833 I have to configure the SCLK with the clock pole idle at HIGH level state (CKPOL=1, CKPHA=0) and all other devices using CKPOL=0, CKPHA=0   

    I make 2 different…

  • RE: AD9833 Output Voltage Variation

    I would like to use a the AD9833 to produce a triangular waveform for a VCO but the output voltage of the AD9833 is 0.65 V. Is it possible to use a voltage amplifier to increase the voltage up to 6-7 V?

  • How do I simulate AD9833?


    I want to simulate with AD9833. So i need any simulation software. Please let me know is there any Simulation Software that contain AD9833 IC.

    Thanks and regards


  • AD9833 - Quasitrapezoidal waveform


    It is known that AD9833 Programmable Waveform Generator can generate Sinusoidal/Triangular/Square Wave Outputs. However, in our application, we need Quasitrapezoidal waveform. Is it possible to generate this waveform by programming AD9833?