• AD9833: Difference between AD9833 and AD9834

    I want to use one of these two DDS chips (AD9833/AD9834) to generate a square
    wave signal of 10...90kHz from a 7.2Mhz clock. All I need is a square wave
    output. I therefore don't need the DAC running but intend to use the MSB output

  • AD9833: Sine generator

    What is the precison can I except on temperature range: the output is 0.65V max
    +/- ???
    Do you confirm that the rejection of 2nd harmonic is 65 dB.


    The frequency precision of any DDS system is as good
    as its reference frequency. The AD9833 &…

  • AD9833: Disconnecting the MCLK

    Should the MCLK always be connected?


    MCLK needs to be connected and needs to be oscillating in order for the IC to
    function. It synchronises all activity in the AD9833. I don't understand why
    you want to disconnect MCLK. Is it to save power…

  • Question about AD9833



    Above all thank you for the information service about AD9833 source code.


    I am doing the project by using the AD9833.


    During the research, I found AD9833 source code on your github.


    (no-OS/drivers/frequency/ad9833 at master · analogdevicesinc…

  • AD9833


  • AD9833+AD835


    Dear all,

    I used AD835 and AD9833 to design an application, I have some issues. The question is described in the attachment. I am looking forward to your help, thank you very much.

    Yuehai Zhou.

  • AD9833 to CD4024 clock

    Hello ,

    Hi, I'm a student,

    I would like to connect the Vout of the AD to the clock input (Pin1) of a 4024 both powered at 5V
    What is the best solution?

    do you need a limiting resistor?

    Thanks for the reply

  • AD9833 vs AD9837 output peak to peak

    I have used AD9850, and the output signal looks good but the power consumption was high (76mAmp at 5V).

    I am now using AD9833 and AD9837; I was able to output sine wave with both AD9833 and AD9837 but seems that there is slight distortion.

    What I want…

  • AD9833 doesnot change frequency after init

    hello dear forum,

    my problem with AD9833 is summarized below link


    thank for any any advice