• AD9832: Driving from LVCMOS

    I have a problem concerning AD9732 (analog Device DAC )
    Its Data comes from FPGA  (xilinx -virtex2 ) which works in LVCMOS Technology ,
    It means VOHmin=2.9 Volt and VOLmax 0.4 V. Can This DATA will be well
    implemented in the AD9732 which accepts…

  • AD9832: Seperated DGND and AGND

    I work on the AD9832 evaluation board and I’d like to have two different
    voltages for Dgnd and Agnd (0.5V offset between the two power supply).
    But on the evaluation board the Agnd and the Dgnd seem to be connected.

    Where are they connected…

  • Documentation error: AN-1108 application note, AD9832 analog output on reset is incorrect

    In datasheet AD9832 Rev. C at page 15 describes When RESET (D12) = 1, the phase
    accumulator is set to zero phase that corresponds to an analog output of

    in AN1108 at page 3 describes

    RESET Bit D12 is set to 1. This resets the internal…

  • AD9832 doesn't work

    Hi. We have a problem with the ad9832 not working on one board and working on the other. The control program of the chip is the same. There are small differences in the wiring of the chip, digital and analog circuits are separated. AGND and DGND are not…

  • Interfacing AD9832 with msp430g2553


    I have a problem regarding my code for generating a sine wave with my AD9832. The output is 0v. I verified if the data gets to SDATA pin of the AD9832, also the SCLK and MLCK ( i checked with the oscilloscope. I am wondering if is something wrong…

  • Setting the AD9832 frequency setting to avoid magnitude distortion

    Good day.

    In my application I use AD9832 to form 10kHz signal. The exact frequency value is not required, I can use any frequency in the area.

    First I noticed when I tried to set 10kHz exactly, I see magnitude distortion with very low frequency - about…

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  • DDS - AD9832 - Phase setting


    I want to set PHASE0 register in AD9832.

    If I send this commands twice:

    0x1800 | (0x00FF & FaseDDS)

    0X0900 | (0x100F & (FaseDDS >> 8))

    I mean:

    0x1800 | (0x00FF & FaseDDS)

    0X0900 | (0x100F & (FaseDDS >> 8))


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