• AD9832 doesn't work

    Hi. We have a problem with the ad9832 not working on one board and working on the other. The control program of the chip is the same. There are small differences in the wiring of the chip, digital and analog circuits are separated. AGND and DGND are not…

  • Interfacing AD9832 with msp430g2553


    I have a problem regarding my code for generating a sine wave with my AD9832. The output is 0v. I verified if the data gets to SDATA pin of the AD9832, also the SCLK and MLCK ( i checked with the oscilloscope. I am wondering if is something wrong…

  • AD9832

    hello everybody

    anybody has the evaluation software for AD9832???? i urgently need it...

    i enquired from the sales person from whom i procured the IC but he suggested to look out for it here...

    please reply at the earliest

    thanx in advance

  • Ad9832



  • AD9832


    am using ad9832 for 5Mhz frquency generation..

    but i dont have a reference clock input...what i have is a simple sine wave generator...

    how to provide a clock to the IC now

    also can anybody suggest me how to check the DDS output..i mean on a scope…

  • AD9832

    I am looking to use the AD9832 as a local oscillator in a 50R system. It seems to me that the output current is too low to use with 50R mixers requiring > 1.4 V drive. This drivers the need for additional gain / driver stages which may introduce phase…

  • ad9832 problem

    hi all,

             I am using AD9832 to generate variable sine waves of 1Vp-p. I have connected the AD9832 according to the test conditions as shown in the data and FSYNC pin externally for sending data. I am sending the same data as prescribed in the application…

  • AD9832 MCLK

    Please teach me AD9832.

    Please teach the minimum value of MCLK.

    I think no regulations in the data sheet.

    But,ADIsimDDS displays the following message.

    Frequency Error:  Ref Clock Frequency exceeds the minimum Ref Clock frequency allowed for this…

  • AD9832: Driving from LVCMOS

    I have a problem concerning AD9732 (analog Device DAC )
    Its Data comes from FPGA  (xilinx -virtex2 ) which works in LVCMOS Technology ,
    It means VOHmin=2.9 Volt and VOLmax 0.4 V. Can This DATA will be well
    implemented in the AD9732 which…
  • DDS - AD9832 - Phase setting


    I want to set PHASE0 register in AD9832.

    If I send this commands twice:

    0x1800 | (0x00FF & FaseDDS)

    0X0900 | (0x100F & (FaseDDS >> 8))

    I mean:

    0x1800 | (0x00FF & FaseDDS)

    0X0900 | (0x100F & (FaseDDS >> 8))