• Is there a design note on how to program the AD9831?  Does someone have the procedure? Thanks!

    I have an AD9831 and would like to know the precise procedure to program the IC.  Is there a design note on how to program the AD9831?  Does someone have the procedure?  Thanks!

  • Frequency Changing Time of AD9831 and AD9833

    Not sure how many time do AD9831 and AD9833  spend to change the output frequency? That is, if I want to change the output frequency, then what's the fatest timing for AD9831 and AD9833?

    Hope I describe my questions clearly.


  • AD9831  --  Altium


    Does anyone have the AD9831 libraries for Altium?


  • RE: AD9833 MSK Waveform

    How about the AD9831 or AD9832?  They also have 4 phase registers, however the current consumption of both parts is still more than the AD9833.  What is your limit for current draw?

  • RE: How to synchronize two AD9835s?

    Hi David,

    The AD9835 does not have the Reset pin required so you will need to look at either the AD9834, AD9830 or AD9831. FQ_UP has the same functionality as the FSYNC pin.


  • DDS: Testing, and Application Signal Chain Building using AD9834

    Hi! Kevin, Thanks alot firstly, for helping on my queries. It helps.

    As informed earlier, I'm possessing two signal generators 33250A (Agilents).

    However, I want STEPWISE verrification of VPHS o/p swing from 30mV to 1.8 V using DDS (ad9834) as one…

  • RE: 有没有运用AD9851的中文资料?


  • 附件是DDS的常见问题解答。内容包括ADI的DDS产品,DDS的原理以及DDS常见问题。


  • 经典著作【ANALOG DEVICES】高速设计技术

    n Voltage Feedback Op Amps
    n Current Feedback Op Amps
    n Effects of Feedback Capacitance
    n High-Speed Current-to-Voltage Converters, and
    the Effects of Inverting Input Capacitance
    n Noise Comparisons between Voltage Feedback
    Op Amps…

  • ADI处理器实用经典著作—《高速设计技术》中文电子版


    1 部分从运算放大器的基本概念和理论出发,重点介绍了运算放大器的原理与设计,以及在各种电子系统中的应用,包括视频应用、RF/IF 子系统(乘法器、调制器和混频器)等;

    2 部分主要介绍了高速采样和高速ADC 及其应用、高速DAC 及其应用、以及DDS 系统与接收机子系统等;

    3 部分介绍了有关高速硬件设计技术,如仿真、建模、原型、布局、去藕与接地,以及EMI RFI设计考虑等。