• AD9830:

    A customer wants to know if it is realy possible to have the 12bit resolution
    (4096steps) with an output signal of 200kHz ?

    We didn´t find this realy in the D/S.


    The ROM on the AD9830 has a 12-bit address. Therefore the 2^32 increments…

  • AD9830: oscillator

    In my design I'm experiencing oscillator
    problems. I'm using AEL1210 integrated
    50MHz oscillator.As soon as the AD9830
    is connected, the amplitude is between
    4V and 5,5V. With the oscillator
    driving a 10k resistor, the signal

  • AD9830 Programming

    Hi All,

    I am trying to program AD9830 in C language. Is there some kind of code examples available? I didn't find anything around on the web. I have my own code that I tried using, but it give pretty weird output, so I think starting from scratch is probably…

  • AD9830 range of REFIN voltage from outside source


    REFIN of AD9830 can come from external source (see description of REFIN on page 5 on datasheet in link). Nominal value is 1.21V. I am trying to find what are minimum and maximum values that can safely be applied to REFIN. In specifications on page…

  • RE: AD9830 frequency registers

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • AD9830 与AD9850性能有什么差别?

    AD9830 与AD9850性能有什么差别?

  • DDS for space or Radiation Hard Specifications

    We need DDS parts for the high reliability and rad hard space  market.
    Will ADI never produce such parts and if not what do you suggest
    your customers to do?


    Status: Jan 2013 - this answer was provided

    here the information I got from the DDS…

  • AD650: F/V converter from 0 to 2kHz

    Which values of resistors and capacitors may i use with an AD650JN
    to make a F/V converter from 0 to 2kHz?


    I recommend that you do not use the AD650 with a minimum input frequency of
    0Hz. You should offset the input such that the minimum input…

  • RE: ADF4110 可以脱离单片机工作吗?

    您具体要实现什么功能呢?这类射频芯片基本是需要外部控制的,否则无法实现可变频率输出。我们也有DDS芯片产生频率输出,可以并口控制,但也需要通过引脚去控制, 您可以看一下AD9830。