• AD9789: AD9789EBZ and AD9789-Mix-EBZ difference

    There are two kinds of evaluation boards for AD9789, normal and mix mode. What
    is the difference between them since only one schematic is listed on the page:
    Especially, is the output…
  • AD9789 how was the filter  (page 41 of AD9789) acheived

    1. The filter (page 41 of AD9789) mask is related to J.83, Annex C; the mask for the J.83, Annex B is not published in the standard and I am curious how they did this filter.


      How many taps filter has and (if possible!) to get coefficients…

  • AD9789 BIST


    I am use the AD9789 in my design .

    In bring up process i want to test Connectivity for LVDS  an CMOS Interface Mode like it was described in "DAC - AD9789_DS p.63-64".

    1. I read the data on  registers 0x50 to 0x55  but it is equal to ZERO…

  • AD9789 BIST


    I designed AD9789 dac board. 

    Now I test, but I have no analog output.

    So, I did BIST mode in datasheet.

    First, I did BIST mode to QAM output AC performance

    It is work. I got some analog output.

    Second, I did BIST mode to CMOS data input connectivity…

  • AD9789 QDUC mode


    I want to use the AD9789 as D/A and send 5bit of digital data as input.

    When "00000" represent 0V,and "11111" represent 1V.

    I configure the AD9789 to QDUC mode, bypassed the QAM modulator and SRRC filter and configure the NCO…

  • AD9789 flatness issue


    請問有AD9789 flatness 相關的技術文件嗎??

    We need the documents about AD9789 register setting and recomended value

    for the consistent output level (flatness) and MER of VHF and UHF band (50MHz ~ 860MHz).

    We have three types of RF output, DVB-T / DVB-C J83A…

  • AD9789 overall gain ?


    I am using an AD9789 in QDUC mode. It is fed with a digital I,Q signal rotating at -500kHz, the AD9789 upconverters it to 474.166MHz. As expected i observe a single CW at the output centered at 473.666 MHz.

    The main parameters are :

    * AD9789 clock…

  • DAC - AD9789


    If i want to create a sinus on exit (IOUTP/N) from the DAC in CMOS mode what is the vector i need to create and input to DAC?

    I have a SOC FPGA connected to the DAC, and i can configure the input vector to the DAC so i expect to see the sinus…

  • AD9789 EVA

    Hello.I have a question.

    I want to use the mapping function of AD9789-EBZ.

    In that case, can I use it if I have AD-DAC-FMC-ADP and ADS-V1 or ADS7-V2?

    Can you tell me the location of the date that understands the difference between AD9789-EBZ and AD9789…

  • AD9789 QDUC mode

    I am developing in AD9789 QDUC mode, but I have a problem, so I have a question.
    What does the fmaster on page 42 of the AD9789 datasheet mean?
    I think
    fMASTER = fDCO
    is this right ?

    Or, is fMASTER our system clock?
    We are using a 125MHz system clock…