• AD9789-EBZ for generating RF pulsed signal


    Is there anybody working on AD9789-EBZ in QDUC mode to create RF pulsed signal? I have been attempting to send IQ data from FPGA to this evaluation board but it doesn't work at all. And I have tried again and again but i seems that my AD9789-EBZ…

  • AD9789 EVA

    Hello.I have a question.

    I want to use the mapping function of AD9789-EBZ.

    In that case, can I use it if I have AD-DAC-FMC-ADP and ADS-V1 or ADS7-V2?

    Can you tell me the location of the date that understands the difference between AD9789-EBZ and AD9789…

  • RE: AD9789-EBZ and AD9789_SPI

    OK, we will bypass the PIC controller.

    Can you say details about "we are working to improve on the overall AD9789 experience"?

    Do you want to make new evaluation board for AD9789?

    Or you plan to make new IC like AD9789 but better?

    Or you…

  • Single clock generator for two AD9789 DACs?


    We plan to design a board with two AD9789 DACs to get 8 RF channels.
    Data will come from a single Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA.

    Is it possible to drive both AD9789 with a single ADF4350 clock generator or do we need two ADF4350, one for each AD9789?

  • AD9789数据接口

    Hi ADI


  • AD9789 QDUC SPI配置 参考代码

    Hi ALL,

      目前我在正在调试AD9789,使用的是AD9789内部的QDUC功能,如下图:原理图是参考官网设计的(芯片为AD9789 ADF4350 ADCLK914以及一个MCU)。现在使用MCU通过SPI接口配置AD9789的工作状态时遇到一些问题,苦于没有一个AD9789 在QDUC 模式下的参考程序,希望大家帮忙推荐一下相关的参考例子。谢谢!

  • RE: AD9789 using PRN for a simple test, HOW?

    Please check the AD9789 Quick Start Guide that is loaded in Programs->Analog Devices->AD9789 folder when you install the DPG Downloader Full Install option. There are detailed instructions as well as a settings file to load.

  • RE: Clock Level AD9789

    Hi MrD,

    (1) I use ADF4351 (+2 dBm output) easily connected to the AD9789 in differential mode with 100 Ohm termination near AD9789.

    (2) I not idea, I do not use ADCKL914.


  • AD9789 & AD9957 QDUC mode

    I would like to know detail of QDUC mode of AD9789.

    I found datasheet of AD9957 which mentions detail of QDUC mode.

    Are AD9789(QDUC) and AD9957 same principle of operation?