• AD9788实现QPSK调制时所用载波是由FPGA提供的还是由AD9788提供的?


  • 关于 AD9788


  • 关于AD9788


  • AD9788 Synchronization

    I cannot see SYNC_O pulses on AD9788 (pins 62,63) . Please review if my set up is correct. When does the Master send SYNC_O pulses- all the time or just when the DDS is updated?

    I have multiple AD9788 in Master/Slave config;  SYNC_O from the Master is…

  • AD9788 REFCLK Specification

    Hi , 

    I have a question with regards REFCLK specification.

    We are using REFCLK of 112MHz and we are generating this from clock source that stabilizes to ±5×10^-6(±5ppm) after 2 min of power-up.

    And we are setting the DAC  before 2 min…

  • AD9788: SYNC pins

    As far as I understand, the SYNC pins are used only when multiple DACs needs to be synchronized. For an application having a single DAC, can the SYNC pins be kept floating?

  • AD9788 NCO control


    For DAC1 and DAC2 of AD9788, can user set disable or enable for NCO individually?

    The below is a figure of image of the circuit which wants to come out.

    Best Regards,


  • DACCLK  on AD9788

    RFOUT is noisy, because Data(P1D and P2D) timing is not met.

    We want to know how much of delay time  AD9788 have 

     ・between DACCLK and SMP_CLK.

     ・between DATACLK and SMP_CLK.

    We use a PN code sync mode.

    Please let us know  these parameters.

    Thank you…

  • AD9788 bypass NCO

    Hello everyone,

    For my application I need to use AD9788 both as dual 16bit 800MSPS DAC only (without NCO) and as dual 16bit 800MSPS DAC with NCO.

    But, I don't find any register to bypass the NCO.

    So, I would like to know if set θ and ω register…

  • Inquiry of AD9788 function


    Please advise if my customer can use the spectral inversion of AD9788.

    The customer could not confirm it by the descriptions in AD9788's datasheet as shown below.