• AD9788: Can I bypass the NCO (numerically controlled oscillators)?

    I want to be able to use AD9788 both as a dual 16 bit 800MSPS DAC only (without
    the NCO) and as dual 16bit 800MSPS DAC with NCO.
    But, I can't find any register to bypass the NCO.


    The NCO can be bypassed, if FTW (Reg0x0A) is set to 0 (default…

  • AD9788 REFCLK Specification

    Hi , 

    I have a question with regards REFCLK specification.

    We are using REFCLK of 112MHz and we are generating this from clock source that stabilizes to ±5×10^-6(±5ppm) after 2 min of power-up.

    And we are setting the DAC  before 2 min…

  • With regards to AD9788 RESET signal Timing


    We are facing some problems initializing the device and also looking to put the device in low power-down mode.

    We are planning to use the reset to reinitialize if the 1st initialization fails.

    I have checked the datasheet and could not find any information…

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  • AD9788-DPG2-EBZ: how to use AD9516

    I'd like to use the AD9516 mounted on the EVB as the clock source for AD9788.

    What is the requirements on reference clock input on J1 SMA connector? I'm using a 5MHz sinusoidal signal from an OCXO, but the PLL lock detect is not stable.

    Is AD9516…

  • RE: AD9788-DPG2-EBZ does not recognized by DPG2

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  • AD9788-DPG2-EBZ: how to set registers

    I have the evaluation board specified in the title. I can use "AD9788 SPI" and "AD9516 SPI" applications to control the two ICs AD9788 (TxDAC) and AD9516 (clock generator) mounted on the board.

    However I couldn't understand if these…

  • RE: 请教大家AD9788芯片的问题

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  • AD9788 Data with respect to DATACLK