• AD9787管脚电压问题


  • RE: 关于数模转换芯片AD9787里面的正交调制器中的NCO

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  • RE: Power control of DAC(AD9787)

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    The AD9787 can be powered up using this sequence with no problems.


  • RE: DAC AD9744 maximum output frequency

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    Yes, you are correct. The DAC clk is Fclk and Fout is the output frequency. We usually recommend getting a DAC with a sampling rate  (Fclk) at least 4x the desired Fout. In your case, a minimum sampling…

  • IF Frequency Of QPSK Modulator

    We are implementing direct qpsk modulator in fpga. Our data rate is 60 Mbit per sec . In digital , we must make I=I(0)*Sin(2*pi*f*t) and Q=Q(0)*Cos(2*pi*f*t). (f is frequency)

    Our question is that what is the value of f ? 

    2. If we want to inteface fpga…

  • HMC1056 IQ Modulator

    We are planning to use ADI TxDAC part: AD9787 (14-Bit DAC) for our data-rate requirement with your I/Q mixer: HMC1056LP4BE as I/Q modulator. The DAC can support the load resistance from 25 to 50Ohms whereas I/Q mixer: HMC1056LP4BE I/Q ports (IF1 & IF2…

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  • RE: AD9788SPI通讯无应答



    All data input is registered on the rising edge of SCLK. All data

    is driven out of the AD9785/AD9787/AD9788 on the falling

    edge of SCLK.