• AD9785 Eval State=Unkown in ACE Software


    I have a AD9785 Evaluation Board. I connect USBto PC and run ACE software , it recognize board but in state it write State = Unkown and i can't  reset or program it;

  • The output observed on the pins OUT1_P/OUT1_N/OUT2_P/OUT2_N of AD9785 is always high before and after programming.

    Whenever I am probing the output on L1,L2,L3,L4 connected to the pins OUT1_P,OUT1_N,OUT2_P,OUT2_N it always shows 3.3V before and after programming. I have cross checked every connection as per the reference schematic and nothing was changed significantly…

  • 关于AD9785-DPG2-EBZ评估板


  • 急:关于AD9785系列板子技术咨询


    1EVAL-DPG 数据模式发生器(DPG)高速DAC评估平台


       2DPG2 - Data Pattern Generator (DPG) High-Speed DAC Evaluation Platform

  • 关于AD9785-DPG2-EBZ和AD9627-150EBZ 这两款评估板

    您好!我买的AD9785-DPG2-EBZ和AD9627-150EBZ 这两款评估板是否可以通过背板连接线连在一起实验。即将模拟信号经过我的这个AD评估板,然后直接经过DA评估板,转换为原来的模拟信号?这个方案可行吗?如果可以的话,应该怎么连接这两个板子的连接器件将这两个板子连接在一起了?如果不可以的话,原因是什么了?


  • external90-hybrid in I/Q mixer (HMC1056LP1BE)


    The purpose is to apply DAC(AD9785) differential output signals to the I/Q mixer (HMC1056LP1BE), and in this design, balun should be used to convert the differential signal to single-ended and then apply to the mixer (HMC1056LP1BE).

    1)We want use hmc1056…

  • QPSK spectrum difference


    I have a evaluation board  EVAL-AD9785 for testing in 2 GHz with ADL5375 modulator and IQ modulator HMC1056LP1BE and EVAL-HMC765LP6CE for testing in 8 GHz.

    when I use  EVAL-AD9785 and connect output to the spectrum  in 2.4GHz and we can see spectrum and…

  • RE: Setting up Evaluation Board to computer without DPG2 or SDP-H1

    Hello Jaime, 

    Thank you for your interest in AD9785/7/8.

    If you connect the evaluation board directly to the computer and provide a 5V 1A supply to P4/P5, you would be able to control the SPI of the DAC using ACE. However, since the data inputs and DCO…