• AD9783 Data Interface questions

    Does the AD9783 DAC family (AD9783,AD9781 and AD9780) LVDS interface support “dual-port" mode as suggested in the data sheet? Does the AD9783 LVDS inputs require external 100 ohm termination resistors?

  • AD9783

    We plan to use an FPGA DDR interface to drive the AD9783. I assume that this is commonly done because of the speed as well as the fact that the interleaved data is clocked on both rising and falling edges of the clock. Can you provide information (possible…

  • RE: AD9746/9783: DAC analog signal peak power attenuation issues on AD9746/9783 Evaluation boards.

    Hi -

    The AD9746 and AD9783 are the same DAC core with different data interfaces. AD9746 is CMOC and AD9783 is LVDS. This may be an issue with DPG downloader. Please set the bit resolution for AD9746 to 16 bits in DPG downloader as an experiment.


  • RE: Using the AD9122 as independent 2CH DAC

    I beleive the only pats we have that can support this are the AD9783,1,0 (16,14,12 Bit family). These parts have a mix mode that allows you to output signals in the 2nd nyquist zone with higher signal levels but they don't have any modulation capability…

  • Connecting the AD9783 to HMC1197


    I'm trying to implement an RF generator using the AD9783 and HMC1197. The AD9783 and its digital input would be used to control the amplitude of the baseband signal, then modulated to he LO frequency by the HMC1197. The idea is to use the evaluation…

  • RE: AD9781 input port timing

    Yes the DCO signal is derived from DAC clock signal and is tapped off and buffered  out after the DAC Clock signal has traveld through several logic gates and part of the clock tree in the AD9783 chip. So the DCO signal should track varaitaions caused…

  • AD9783: Input range for REFIO


    Let me ask about input range for AD9783 REFIO.

    Our customer is going to use external reference for AD9783 and he wants to know the valid range for external reference.

    Could you tell me the valid range for REFIO ?


    Best regards,


  • AD9783 return-to-zero mode

    I got AD9783. And I'm learning how to handle it AD9783.
    I try return-to-zero mode.
    Mix Mode Reg = (0,1) or (1,0)  is return-to-zero mode
    I measured output. Wave(1,0) doesn't seem same as Wave(0,1).
    Is there such thing?

    Advice, please.

    Give my best…