• AD9783: read back value of the Hardware Version of the AD9783

    I am trying to read the Hardware
    Version of the AD9783 via SPI (register address 0x1F). I only get back zero.
    Writing and reading other registers works.
    Can 0 be the correct value for the hardware version?


    Yes , we never done a revision on this…

  • AD9783: LVDS interface termination resistor

    One customer is asking about AD9783 LVDS input data terminating resistor.
    Do we put the terminating resistor inside the chip? Does customer need to
    connect the 100ohm terminating resistor outside?


    AD9783 has on chip 100 ohm termination resistors…

  • RE: AD9783 Noise Spectrum

    Hi GerdF,

    Unfortunately, Phase Noise was not characterized for the older ADI HS DACS. 

    Aside from AD9783, I only have Phase Noise data for AD9779A (shown below)  

    and AD9726 which can be found in this thread: https://ez.analog.com/data_converters/high…

  • AD9783 EVAL Set up


    I have an AD9783_EVAL(AD9783-DPG2-EBZ and AD-DAC-FMC-ADP).
    Do I need a DPG2_EVAL to test the AD9783_EVAL?

    What is the configuration to operate AD9783_EVAL?


  • RE: AD9783 FPGA Reference Design

    Hello Rukawa,

    The FMCOMMS1-EVB reference design uses the the recommended upgrade to the AD9783, the AD9121 (also supports the AD9122). This comes as part of a full-stack reference design that:

    • Includes schematics, layout, BOM, Gerber files, HDL, Linu…
  • AD9783 FPGA Reference Design


    Any one can provide ad9783 or similar with the fpga rtl reference design ?

    Thanks a lot.


  • AD9783 for new project


    We are intending to use AD9783 for our new TETRA base station application.

    Please suggest if it is active production (Recommended for new projects).

    I posted a few questions regarding this device and not getting any answers (link to the questions…

  • AD9783 Thermal Problem


    We need your support for an issue with one of the DAC used in our design - AD9783.
    While evaluating AD9783 for our new TETRA Base Station Transmitter, we are experiencing certain thermal issues.
    The DAC is being driven by an FPGA in 16 bit parallel…