• The output waveform of AD9780


    I am using AD9780 at 300MSPS, and output 100MHz and 7MHz sinusoidal waveform.

    Are these waveforms normal?

    Or are they too noisy?

    Chao Xiang

  • AD9780 - SPI interface voltage level

    hi all,

    AD9780 needs both DVDD33 and DVDD18. What is the SPI interface voltage level?

    1.8V or 3.3V?

    It is not stated in the datasheet.


    Chao Xiang

  • AD9780 LVDS interface  impedance

    Dear  Sir/Madam,

    As the datasheet shows, lvds differential impedance is 80~120 ohm. I wonder whether I need additional   external 100 ohm resistor on the PCB board.  Does the AD9780 integrate the internal  100 ohm resistor.


  • AD9780 Latency Datasheet missmatch

    The DAC Latency does not match the specification in the datasheet:

    The DAC was chosen because of its low latency. When our board is ready the latency appeared to be 14 cycles that is exactly twice vs. latency in datasheet (7 cycles).

    Please find an…

  • AD9780  的复位问题


            我们在使用 ADI 数模转换芯片 AD9780 时,遇到了比较棘手的上电复位问题,以下是对问题的描述:


               1. AD9780 复位问题。 AD9780 的原理图设计采用官网推荐的同类芯片 AD9783 原理图设计,其有上电瞬间有两种运行模式可选择(Pin mode   和  SPI mode),起初我们使用的是 pin mode (对应的 CSB引脚 10K电阻 拉低,SDO 引脚 10K电阻 拉高,SDIO 引脚 10K电阻 拉低 ,Reset 引脚 10K 电阻 拉低,且四个引脚均与FPGA…

  • AD9780 driven by FMC Board Clock

    I am using the AD9780 along with an FMC board. The FMC is used in a system
    where the clock may be delayed for up to 1us. Are any of the DAC
    functionalities affected or modified due to this clock delay?
    If yes, is there a minimum time to…
  • Getting the AD9780 Pspice model


    I want to using AD9780,81,83 series DACs as baseband I/Q signal processing unit.

    Can I get the Pspice model of AD9780 series?

    Or is there any method for using AD9780 with OrCAD simulator?

    I want to simulate the AD9780 with my circuit design…

  • DCIP/N and DCOP/N of AD9780

    In the datasheet of AD9780, the voltage level of those pins are not stated.

    Are them LVDS as the data input pairs?

    Or same as CLKP/N pair?


    Chao Xiang

  • the question of  AD9780'S reset

    When we used ADI digital mode conversion chip AD9780, we encountered a relatively difficult problem of on-power reset. The following is the description of the problem:

          1. Restoration of AD9780 AD9780 schematic design using website to…
  • DAC AD9780数据输入时钟


    当没有数据输入的时候,AD9780的 DCI数据时钟输入 管脚是否可以一直保持在高电平或者低电平?