• AD9779A frequency conversion

    Hi, I use the evaluation board of ad9779a to test, give 100M clock to ad9779a, convert it to 800M through internal frequency conversion, and use 4x interpolation to obtain 200M update rate of FPGA. I need to obtain 100MHz sine wave. I didn't understand…

  • Impedance matching when AD9717 or AD9779A interfaced with ADL5375

    Can you confirm why I need to use 500ohm or 50ohm impedance matching for the
    AD9717 and AD9779A interfaced to ADL5375.
    Sorry for that basic questions, but I am from the digital world.



    Remember, that the AD9717's and AD9779A's output and ADL5375…

  • AD9779A 变频使用

    使用AD9779A的开发板,给与AD9779A 100M的时钟,其内部变频到800M,使用4倍插值,这样给到FPGA为200M的采样率,怎么使用变频功能能够获得100Mhz的正弦波,看到芯片手册后不知道P1D和P2D怎么输入,SPI怎么设定,在AD9779A的开发版板上是在哪个SMA接口获得变频后的正弦波,谢谢

  • AD9779A close in noise

    Hi, All!

    I have measured the output spectrum of the AD9779A running at 155.52MHz (the internal PLL is DISABLED). The DAC is clocked from the clean source (ABLNO-V-155.52 crystal oscillator). I see a very strange noise shape close in to the carrier (see…

  • What is the relationship between AD9779A input frequency and output frequency

    AD9779A use consultation: Use 80M clock to drive the data interface of AD9779A, input data bit 2MHz sine wave, the register of address 0x01 is configured as 0x84, the register at address 0x02 is configured as 0x1C, and the register at address 0x03 is…

  • AD9779A输入频率和输出频率的关系是什么

    AD9779A使用咨询: 使用80M时钟驱动AD9779A的数据接口,输入数据位2MHz的正弦波,地址0x01的寄存器的配置为0x84,地址0x02的寄存器配置为0x1C,地址0x03的寄存器配置为0x4F,那输出频率为多少? 将这个特殊问题一般化:AD9779A输入频率和输出频率的关系是什么

  • RE: AD9779A 电流

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  • RE: AD9779A管脚SYNC_I_P/SYNC_I_N

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