• RE: AD9779A Maximum DAC Sampling Rate?

    No, the AD9779A is limited by the data sheet spec.

  • AD9779A application

    Here we have a request in the application of high speed DAC. We’d
    like to use AD9779A, it’sthe dual DACs for I and Q output. If we use one port of it just as a direct IF
    DAC, the bandwidth is 100MHz, center frequency is 312.5MHz, is it possible?


  • Data Transfert from FPGA to AD9779A

    On Page 46 of AD9779A datasheet there is a paragraph "INPUT DATA REFERENCED TO DATACLK". In this paragraph there is showed the Figure 82. Is this Figure 82 valid also if I set 4x interpolator on the AD9779A ? In other words, if I use 4x interpolator,…

  • Max Current of AD9779A

    What is the max current of AD9779A  CVDD18 power? the max current of DVDD18 power?


  • Impedance matching when AD9717 or AD9779A interfaced with ADL5375

    Can you confirm why I need to use 500ohm or 50ohm impedance matching for the
    AD9717 and AD9779A interfaced to ADL5375.
    Sorry for that basic questions, but I am from the digital world.



    Remember, that the AD9717's and AD9779A's…
  • RE: 480 MHZ default noise at the output of AD9779A?

    Hi -


    480Mhz is the 4th harmonic of the 120Mhz clock input. Clock spurs like this are normal outputs of the AD9779A. A filter following the DAC will attenuate this signal.



  • RE: AD9779A Timing Optimization

    Hi -

    The AD9779A automatic timing optimization mode does not work. Please do not use it.

    The resolution of Data Timing Margin is 190ps.


  • Analog modulator

    I would like to interface the AD9122, AD9125, AD9788, AD9779A (IF-DACs) with an analog quadrature modulator. Which ones do you recommend?

  • RE: AD9779A有静电时复位