• Ad9779 Jitter


    i have an AD9779 Digital to Analog Converter,the clock for the processing part is from clock of the converter produced,

    when i put the 1 MHZ with Sampling rate of 32 Mhz , Fadc/8 the Signal not trigged with OScope and seems have a jitter

    how can…

  • AD9779 Output Question


    We have a AD9779 in our design and we are supplying it data from an FPGA.  The data sent from the FPGA is either a CW (0, 0x7FFF, 0, 0x8001...) or broad band noise.  In the FPGA, we then "right" bit shift the data (maintaining the sign bit) in order…

  • AD9779使用疑问


  • AD9779: Grounding and layout recommendation

    We have a DVB-T upconverter Design in progress, in which we use the AD9773.
    This DAC needs a digital and an analog supply and therefor a digital and a
    analog ground. In the layout of the evalboard which is mentioned in the
  • 关于AD9779的问题


  • AD9779 DAC: SYNC_I and initialization

    I have two questions regarding AD9779. I'm using it in a QAM modulator working at 160 Msps (28 Msymbols/s sampled 6 times per symbol). I don't use DATACLK output, the digital data going out of the FPGA is clocked with the same clock, that is…

  • AD9779 Data Rate and Clocking Architecture

    Question from customer

    The AD9779 maximum digital data rate and its clocking architecture to produce required center frequencies … DATA<->REFCLK<->InterPolation<->QImod<->fc? Can data be clocked by the REFCLK?

    Please advise…

  • AD9779/AD9779A 正交调制问题


  • 请教下AD9779的配置问题。


  • 请教下AD9779的配置问题。