• AD9779: Grounding and layout recommendation

    We have a DVB-T upconverter Design in progress, in which we use the AD9773.
    This DAC needs a digital and an analog supply and therefor a digital and a
    analog ground. In the layout of the evalboard which is mentioned in the
    datasheet, there is…

  • AD9779 and AD9779A_Difference between the two products

    Dear Team,

    Could I know what is the difference between the AD9779 and AD9779A?

    It looks like almost a similar products.

    I am looking forward to your advice.

    Thank you.


  • AD9777 / AD9779: The two channel DACs, can they be used separately?

    I have two independent real data (for example from two different  DUC) to I
    input port and Q input port respectively of AD9779. The modulation is disabled,
    I only use two internal DACs to output two independent analog signals. Can the
    two DACs…

  • AD9779内部锁相环无法锁定


  • 请教下AD9779的配置问题。


  • 请教下AD9779的配置问题。


  • RE: 关于AD9779的问题

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  • RE: Ad9779 Jitter

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  • AD9779使用疑问