• AD9777 problem

    Hi every one. I want to use AD9777 as a up converter in my design.  am using Spartan 3E as a signal processor and I use DDS core of xilinx to create FM signal and now I have 16 bit value which represent FM signal. data is real and I don`t use I/Q. My question…

  • AD9777 Issue


    I have read the AD9777 Data sheet and i have some quastions regarding the correct use of the device with the evaluation board.

    1)my purpse using the device is to create a 140 MHZ square wave output (IN OUT1) , and my quastion is if i can creat…

  • AD9777: Modulating the bandwidth

    I would like to know if is it possible to use AD9777's Direct-IF option so that
    DAC signal output would be 100-120 MHz (communication signal bandwidth)? This
    would be achieved by upconverting 30-50 MHz band with 70 MHz (Direct-IF?)
  • AD9777 overall delay


    I am using the AD9777 in an existing design of a digital feedback controller, so actual input-to-output time delay is critical.

    What is this delay for the AD9777? (the datasheet only gives the settling time, measured from the start of the analog…

  • AD9777 Can I use?

    On the homepage, there is the comment "Not recommend for new design". The customer keeps using this products for long time. Do you have plan to obsolete AD9777? If so, I need to promote other products.

  • AD9777输出频谱问题

    我将35MHz采样率10MHz带宽的复基带信号用35MHz时钟分I、Q两路送进AD9777中,AD9777内设置内插倍数为8倍,Fs/4的IQ调制,complex mix mode,PLL ON,coarse gain adjustment设为最大值,fine gain adjustment设为零,offset adjustment设为零。



  • AD9777: DATACLK can only be output pin

    I found the below description in the datasheet as is shown in attached file.
    But I can not find any detailed description on the address 02h, Bit 3. I have
    no idea how to set the bit as either input or output. Would you pls give your
  • AD9777输出波形问题








  • AD9777 current increased for a moment


    I used an AD9777 on my board, but recently I found a problem. When I configure the AD9777 via SPI, to turn on the PLL, and use 4x or 8x, the current consumption will incease much more about 300ms, then turn to normal. During configuration, there is…

  • Unused IOUT pins connection of AD9777


    My customer is encountered that should be used only one of the two IOUT pins of AD9777.

    In this case, what is the best solution to connect the unused IOUT pins(IOUTA1/B1 or IOUTA2/B2) ?

    Directly to ground or AC coupled to ground or Not connected…