• AD977 ?jb

    Please provide junction to board of AD977


    I was able to get the number from our assembly group for the junction to board
    (θJB) thermal impedance – 36 °C/W at 25 °C ambient temperature.

  • RE: AD977 TAG Pin

    Apologies for missing this query. The TAG input, when unused, should always be tied either high or low and not be allowed to float.

    However, this product is no longer recommended for new design. Please see https://www.analog.com/en/products/ad7663.html

  • RE: AD977 minimal clock rate

    Hi Amnon,

            Apologies for a late reply. I missed this thread.

            The AD977 has an option to use the internal or external clock when clocking out the conversion result. Using the internal clock (EXT/INT pin low), the AD977 specified it at typical period of…

  • Reference Input pin AD977

    Hi , 

    With regards to AD977s REF pin , it state that t use 2.2uF Tantalum capacitor between REF and analog Ground .

    Is it fine to use a ceramic Capacitor instead of tantalum .

    What sort of problem do we see when we use a 10uF capacitor instead of 2…

  • AD977 ADC No Repeatability

    I am currently using an AD977CNZ ADC (ADC) as an analog signal acquisition tool and I am unsure of why there are variations between cycles on the ADC. I currently have the ADC set to +/- 3.333 V range; SB/BTC - 8 set to logic LOW; EXT/INT…
  • AD977 output format and conversion algorithm

    I have a question about the ADC AD977. The output format can be straight binary or 2s complement (pin SB/BTC). I am using bipolar input signals (negative and positive voltages). When selecting 2s complement format, does that mean the successive approximation…

  • RE: AD977A Maximum reading voltage


    As per datasheet. The AD977/AD977A is specified to operate with six full-scale analog input ranges. Connections required for each of the three analog inputs, R1IN, R2IN and R3IN, and the resulting full-scale ranges, are shown in Table I and Table II…

  • AD977A: is it possible to use one AD780 to be the ref voltage of 16 AD977A for +-10V range?

    Is it possible to use one AD780 to be the ref voltage of 16 AD977A for +-10V


    It will cause problems. For AD977A, there is a current from AD780 to R3IN (See
    circuit in fig 16a/16b, attached).  Therefore AD977A will interfere others. You…

  • Precision ADC Convertors

    I noticed when using the quick search list for Precision ADC's not all parts seem to show up.

    Some devices like the AD977 and AD976 which are clearly precison are not listed. Is this a mistake

    or are they being obsoleted.