• Brd file for AD9767 evaluation board.


    From AN-555, we know that AD9767 evaluation board is a 4-layer PCB design. 

    Please advise where could we get PCB .brd file for AD9767 evaluation board. 



  • Question of AD9767

    Currently, I am creating a device which need to use your product Dual TxDAC+ Digital-to-Analog Converter AD9767. Using this DAC, I successfully finish the high frequency test, but when I want to achieve a lower frequency output from this chip, and there…

  • AD9767的14位二进制输入是什么码?





  • Need AD9767 gerber file


            We need AD9767 DAC  evolution Board gerber file .



  • RE: AD9767 SNR & ENOB

    Thanks for your reply.

    From Fig 68, could I say that the ENOB of  AD9767 is lower than AD9763 ?

  • RE: AD9767 - Pins for stability

    As you've pointed out, this is for stability purposes and to answer your question, we need to run another simulation which is not feasible for us to do at this moment.

    However, to roughly answer your question; you are pushing apparent pole and zero…

  • AD9767: Load range

    If I increase the output load resistors, what is the maximum output voltage
    that can be guaranteed?


    IOUTFS is in the range of 2mA to 20mA and the voltage IOUTAx and IOUTBx needs
    to be kept within the compliance range -1.0V to +1.25V…
  • AD9767 Gain Control setting


    I followed the data sheet and used the same Rset value (2Kohm) at FSADJ1 and FSADJ2. Therefore, no matter how the GAINCTRL pin is set high or low, the DAC1 and DAC2 have the same value full-scale currents.

    In the experiment, I fed the DAC with a…

  • RE: AD9117共模电压设置问题


  • AD9767 TxDAC how to reduce even order harmonics


    I've been testing the AD9767 14 bits DAC with the next simple test tone:

    Form a fpga development board a tone is continuosly sent to the AD9767 with the next I/Q samples:

    I = 1,0,-1,0,... (same for Q delayed 1 sample). I'm using only one…