• RE: AD9765 interfacing

    Hi Wouter,

    Yes you can use the  AXI_AD9671 Ip core for the AD9675. There is only one feature, digital demodulator/decimator, that is absent from the AD9675, but other than that it is identical to the AD9671.



  • AD9765 influence of the clocks

    > 1. Is it possible to clock the both DACs with different clocks like 33MHz and
    66MHz? What influence does this have on the specs, especially for the matching
    of the two channels when master/gain control mode with one resistor is used…
  • AD9765如何设置差分输出


  • AD9229和AD9765芯片驱动程序


  • AD9763 AD9765 AD9767 Interleaved mode with 125 MSPS update rate possible?


    is it possible to get an output update rate of 125 MSPS with the DAC family AD9763 AD9765 AD9767 in the Interleaved mode?

    According to datasheet Rev G. the latch pulse width (t_LPW, t_CPW) must be at least 3.5 ns.

    For the interleaved mode, a 250 MHz…

  • AD9765写信号及时钟信号的配置

    1.现在我需要使用两片AD9765同步输出4个电流。两片AD9765的WRT和CLK信号可共用吗?即两片的WRT1/CLK1和WRT2/CLK2 共同使用配置信号WRT/CLK,而不是分别接WRT1,WRT2,WRT3,WRT4,CLK1,CLK2,CLK3,CLK4。


  • Can AD9763's NC pins (i.e. pin 33 & 34) be driven or must they be definitely left floating?

    Can AD9763's NC pins (i.e. pin 33 & 34) be driven or must they be definitely
    left floating?
    We have the option to fit the AD9763 or the AD9765 on the same board. When the
    AD9763 is fitted the DB0 & DB1 N/C pins (i.e. pins 33 and…
  • RE: AD9767 SNR & ENOB

    Hi -

    The AD9765 and AD9767 do not meet the spec for ideal dynamic range SNR = 6.02*N + 1.72 dB. Their dynamic range is limited by SFDR.


  • DAC Suggestion for UHF TX Chain

    Hi all,

    We are looking at combining the ADF4350 and ADL5385 to create a transmit chain covering the 200MHz-400MHz frequency range. The transmit path requires a 1.2MHZ GMSK waveform.

    What would be the recommended DAC(s) to go along with this lineups…