• Can AD9763's NC pins (i.e. pin 33 & 34) be driven or must they be definitely left floating?

    Can AD9763's NC pins (i.e. pin 33 & 34) be driven or must they be definitely
    left floating?
    We have the option to fit the AD9763 or the AD9765 on the same board. When the
    AD9763 is fitted the DB0 & DB1 N/C pins (i.e. pins 33 and…
  • With regards to AD9763

    Hi ,

    Could you please let me know the –40°C to +85°C as Operating temperature same as Case temperature (Tcase) or is it Ambient Temperature.

    Could you please let me know if there is any data with regards ThetaJC .

    Thanking you

    With best regards and…

  • About AD9763.

    About AD9763.

    Can you tell me what I should do about unused pins if I use port1 only ?
    Unused pins are CLK2/IQRESET,WRT2/IQSEL,DB0-P2~DB9-P2/MSB,IOUTA2 and IOUTB2.
    Connecting to ground, power supply, or nothing?
    What should I do more except these?

  • AD9761 and AD9763

    Are these parts obsolete or near end of life?

    Jose Rivera

  • RE: AD9767 SNR & ENOB

    Thanks for your reply.

    From Fig 68, could I say that the ENOB of  AD9767 is lower than AD9763 ?

  • TxDAC Two Singles vs. One Dual

    I'm adapting a design from a retired engineer with two discrete AD9705s being used for IQ modulation. I noticed that in an earlier design, he had used a single AD9763. Comparing both of these options, it seems that the two discrete AD9705s beat the AD9763…

  • RE: ADF4360-3 leakage into AD8349 inputs

    When the DAC is off (TX_SLEEP on AD9763 is high), there is almost no feedthrough.  However, the analog outputs of the DAC are at 0V when the DAC is asleep-- it looks like the FSADJ1 line is at 0V and only goes to 1.2V when TX_DAC_SLEEP is low.  There are…

  • ADI专家面对面之五——ADI产品介绍及其在各个领域中的应用