• AD9746输出时有信号的谐波是什么问题啊?


  • AD9746 High Speed DAC issue?

    Dear Sirs,


    We are using AD high speed DAC AD9746 on one of our board.
    The DAC is configured in single port mode with data coming from a FPGA. We are
    seeing some issues with clocking data into the DAC. From the datasheet it was
    not clear when the data…

  • AD9746配合ADRF6755做正交调制,输出频谱存在大量采样钟谐波





  • AD9746接口逻辑电平匹配

    我在做一个设计, 用altera的DE4开发板驱动AD9746 DAC. DE4接口的逻辑电平为2.5V CMOS,
    AD9746输入数字接口逻辑电平是3.3V CMOS, 不知DE4是否可以直接驱动AD9746?
    请指教, 谢谢!\


  • RE: DAC AD5668 /maximum frequency


    We have the AD9745 (12-bit serial) and AD9746 (14-bit serial) 250MSPS dual chanel high-speed DACs. Both with eval boards, that can be interfaced FMC controller board if you add-on the adapter board. 

    Another is 210MSPS, parallel, single-channel AD9742 (12…

  • RE: AD9747 evaluation Board


    We are working on the same product AD9746-DPG2-EBZ + AD-DAC-FMC-ADP + EVAL-SDP-CH1Z.

    We suspect the same issue mentionned by zhouzhx, because we encounter the same behavior.

    Could you please send us the source program or programming code of PIC18F4550…

  • RE: Connecting High speed DAC to Mixers in Digital modulation scheme

    In a typical signal chain which you describe, in which the DAC drives a mixer (not an IQMod)  the baseband I and Q channels must be modulated onto the carrier at low IF either in the DAC, or in the digital engine previous to the DAC. Since the AD9746 does…

  • Single-port mode of dual DAC

    I have a question about single-port mode of dual DAC.
    Could you  show me the answer of following problem.


    For example AD9741,AD9743,AD9745,AD9746,AD9747,
    In the case of using these dual DACs with single-port mode and only DAC1,
    how should I do IQSEL pin…