• DAC AD9744 maximum output frequency

    Hi all

    I look to buy a DAC with at least 200MHz output frequency

    So I have a question about the Eval AD9744, when I checked the datasheet in tab.2  I am not sure that I achieve 200MHz as output frequency

    DAC clk is F(clock) ?? and F(out)  is the output frequency…

  • AD9744: Maximum sample rate

    In the data sheet of AD9744, the update rate is given as 210Msps, but in the
    brief introduction and in the DACs table it is given  165Msps.
    Are 210 Msps and 160Msps tow different DACs? Could you please clear this


    The AD9744 maximum…

  • AD9742/AD9744 Exposed Pad

    Reading through the AD9742's datasheet I cannot find what the exposed pad
    should be tied to?


    The Exposed Thermal Pad must be soldered to copper pour on top surface of PCB
    for mechanical stability and must be electrically tied to low impedance…

  • AD9744


         The Data sheet of AD9744 clock input section :“ In the differential input mode, the clock input functions as a
    high impedance differential pair. The common-mode level of the CLK+ and CLK- inputs can vary from 0.75 V to 2.25 V, and
    the differential…

  • AD9744 Test questions

    Hi all.

    I have some questions about AD9744.

    1.  Table 2 in the AD9744 datasheet, is the test condition AMPLITUDE 0dBFS?


    2.  Whether these indicators in Table 2 can be satisfied for both LFCSP packaging and TSSOP, especially when the sampling rate is 21…

  • RE: About AD9744 propagation delay

    , can you answer this question on the AD9744 spec tables?

  • RE: AD9744 input circuit

    Assumed answered offline. Please let us know if there are further questions.

  • RE: AD9744 input clock frequecy

    Assumed answered offline. 

  • RE: DAC AD9744 evaluation board with DPG3

    Hello Biao.H,

    I am using the xilinx board  KCU105 to generate the Baseband signal ,and need a DAC to converter the Baseband I/Q data ,then the Analog signal  is send to the IQ modulator。

    And I am looking some DACs(such as AD9122 、AD9142A),and  have some question…