• AD9744


         The Data sheet of AD9744 clock input section :“ In the differential input mode, the clock input functions as a
    high impedance differential pair. The common-mode level of the CLK+ and CLK- inputs can vary from 0.75 V to 2.25 V, and
    the differential…

  • AD9744


    I want to use AD9744 LFCSP package to generate a high quality signals with 90dB SFDR upto 10MHz, beyond it the SFDR should not be too bad.(around 50 to 60 dB)

    in Figure 49 and Fig 50  in the datasheet why they have used 100 Ohm termination at the…

  • AD9744 Test questions

    Hi all.

    I have some questions about AD9744.

    1.  Table 2 in the AD9744 datasheet, is the test condition AMPLITUDE 0dBFS?


    2.  Whether these indicators in Table 2 can be satisfied for both LFCSP packaging and TSSOP, especially when the sampling rate is 21…

  • AD9744 Output Transient

    Hi all,

    I am using the DAC AD9744 in a frequency counter circuit. I send in a clock signal to initiate the data conversion. However I see a spike of the frequency of the clock signal at the DAC output.  The yellow trace is the AC-coupled output signal…

  • AD9744 power on reset

    Hi all.

    I have a question about AD9744.

    Is there a power on reset in AD9744, if yes, could you give me some information about that. 

    How long will AD9744 reset after powered on with 3.3V?

    Best reagrds.


  • AD9744: Maximum sample rate

    In the data sheet of AD9744, the update rate is given as 210Msps, but in the
    brief introduction and in the DACs table it is given  165Msps.
    Are 210 Msps and 160Msps tow different DACs? Could you please clear this


    The AD9744…
  • AD9744 input circuit


    I have a critical problem in my PCB and need a urgently help. Please

    according to the AD9744's datasheet the input capacitance of a digital pin is 5pF.

    as per its IBIS model the DB0 pin in LFCSP package is 




  • AD9744的Clock Input setting.


    我們使用AD9744作一個Voltage controller.

    在SOIC/TSSOP package的 pin 28_Clock腳,它需要輸入怎樣的訊號呢?


    在32-Lead LFCSP package的CLK+-又是要輸入怎樣的訊號呢?


  • Driver for AD9744 DAC chip

    Hi all
    This  is satish working for Montavista , 
    I am working on one of xilinx development boards and we are using AD9744 DAC chip,
    I got driver for ad9144 but I did not find for AD9744 from following wiki page 
  • clock driver for AD9744


    I have a question about the clock driver for AD9744

    there is a clock driver in the AD9744's datasheet as below:
    Inline image 1

    in my circuit I have a LVDS clock generator but not above circuit (I have used one of Analog Devices Clock Buffers)