• Single-port mode of dual DAC

    I have a question about single-port mode of dual DAC.
    Could you  show me the answer of following problem.


    For example AD9741,AD9743,AD9745,AD9746,AD9747,
    In the case of using these dual DACs with single-port mode and only DAC1,
    how should I do IQSEL pin…

  • RE: AD9746/9783: DAC analog signal peak power attenuation issues on AD9746/9783 Evaluation boards.

    Dear larrywelchusa-san,

    Thank you so much for your kind suggestion.

    I am so sorry for my much late response due to my customer's late feedback.

    When my customer did set the bit resolution for AD9746 to 16 bits in DPGDownloader PC software tool…

  • What is mix-mode?

    Mix-mode is referred in some ADI presentation. What does it mean?