• RE: AD9737A-EBZ output capacitor

    Hello Viny,

    Sorry for the delayed response.  No, this capacitor is not necessary.  It would help if you were connecting to something with non-zero common mode voltage.

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  • AD9737A这款芯片配什么时钟芯片


  • RE: Query about AD9737A's 3GHz Output

    Sorry for the delay to answer you. It is best to follow the start-up sequence, then set register 0x08 = 0x02. You will need to choose a DAC clock that is far from the 1st Nyquist signal and the 2nd Nyquist image. You will generate your signal in the 1st…

  • AD9737A FMC board to dc couple


    When i use AD9737A FMC board, i find out that it is just AC-couple from 5MHz to 300MHz.  However, i would like to use it by DC-couple because my band-width is from zero to 200MHz. So, how can i modify the EVAL-AD9737A-FMC-EBZ component? I wonder if…

  • AD9739: FPGA selection

    Since AD9739 supports input data rates from 1.6 GSPS to 2.5 GSPS using dual
    LVDS data ports, what host processor can we use to send data to AD9739 and how
    to connect the host processor for example a FPGA with AD9379? Could you please
    provide a…

  • RE: Information Conifrm


    Thanks for using AD9739A. 

    The eval kit does not contain any CD. The software needed to evaluate the evaluation board is available online. ACE is used for SPI communication while DPG Lite is for generating and playing of data vector to DAC.

    ACE: Analysis…

  • RE: Low Latency 2.4 G sample/sec (min) DAC for wireless backhaul modem application

    Many of our high-speed DACs in that speed range use JESD204B interface which introduces more latency than LVDS. However, if you consult the HIGH-speed DAC product selection guide, you will see a few options beyond the LTC2000, such as  AD9737A, AD9739A…

  • RE: I am using the AD9739A-FMC-EBZ and the level translator, U1, is not correctly translating my input serial signals.  How do I fix that?

    Can you check if the enable pin of U1 - pin 10 is low.

    There are two options to talk to ad9737a - FMC SPI or PIC18F24 SPI.