• AD9736 output issue

    Hi all,

    We have recently developed a new FPGA board with DAC AD9736. the sampling clock for the DAC is 480 MHZ and we are supposed to generate 70MHZ signal

    our settings is as follows

    1. input clock 480MHz

    2. interpolation - 2X

    3. Pin mode

    4. output current…

  • question aboat AD9736 interface circuit

    hello there,I have some question aboat DAC AD9736's interface circuit.
    For some reason,I make a mistake.I design a circuit without resistance R6 and R8 which provide output voltage.
    But the design could work properly.So,does it cause some problem without…

  • AD9736 - Theta JC

    I am looking for the theta JC values of theAD9736BBCZ.


    7.1 degC/W.

  • Datasheet errors in the AD9736/5/4

    Question 1)
    Is the datasheet 288522419AD9734_5_6_0.pdf the latest version? There seem to be
    pinout errors on page 54 og 68.

    Question 2)
    What connections are reccommended for the 2 unused bits in this 12-bit device?
    I assume I want to drive DB2…

  • AD9736 SFDR Measurement

    We are using AD9736 FOR 30Mhz generation.DAC input clock(clip, clin) is 180 MHz generated from ADF4351. Also we have enabled 2X interpolation. What should be the frequency range for SFDR measurement? 0 to 90 MhZ or 0 to 45 MHz? Second harmonic 60 MHz…

  • RE: Regarding AD9736


    Is there any GUI for this AD9736,if it is there please share the link.

  • RE: AD9736 Timing diagram

    Sorry for the delay!  Top process demodulated I and Q data, you will need 2 AD9736 devices since it is a single DAC.  We do have single DAC products with digital modulation that can receive complex IQ data and then demodulate and we also have dual and quad…

  • RE: AD9736 EVB applied with Xilinx SoC ZC706 evaluation board

    Hello saberbf:

    I am sorry to disturb you.

    I am using the xilinx board  KCU105 to generate the Baseband signal ,and need a DAC to converter the Baseband I/Q data ,then the Analog signal  is send to the IQ modulator。

    And I am looking some DACs(such as AD9122 、AD9142A…