• AD9717: Pin connection

    Please advice me how to connect "DVDD" pin, 1. to a capacitor only 2. to 3.3V
    3. do i need to activate the internal LDO or not. 4. others I'm confused since
    on top of Table 1 it's define "DVDD=3.3V" in "absotute max" table DVDD…
  • Digital code units of amplitude

    The amplitude of the sinusoid created using the eval board software of AD9717 is in units of "digital code" as shown in the image below. Can someone explain what these units mean and how I can convert them into a unit such as volts?


  • AD9717 has band of noise at different frequencies at I&Q outputs

    Taking an FFT of the I & Q channels of the AD9717 shows a spectrum of noise that shows up at different frequencies over different printed circuit boards. Noise components have been seen almost 125kHz away from each other, usually there are only a couple…

  • RE: AD911x output voltage conversion?

    Maybe the AD9717 is okay after all the way I'm using it now, see attachment. I'm using a fully diff opamp to get an output of 1.0 +/- 0.5 V with the OUTP and OUTN DAC outputs at a fixed 1.0 V and IOFS = 2 mA.  You think this is okay?

  • RE: DAC Suggestion for UHF TX Chain

    The previous posting offered an RF DAC(AD9789 : 14Bit, 2400MSPS) could be considered as an alternative to a Baseband DAC & IQ Modulator(ADL5385) approach. For Baseband DAC and IQ Modulator approach, we would suggest either  AD9117/16 ( 20ma output…

  • RE: AD977XA Output Stage

    The DAC output likes to see a balanced output network. A differential output structure should be utilized along with a differential low noise amp if the goal is to achieve a low noise design. The differential output structure also helps surpress even…

  • RE: AD9117 boot up problems

    One clarification question, when you say you are doing the SPI reset high to low - do you mean you're writing it via the SPI or pulsing the RESET pin (pin 35)?

    This product family (along with the AD9707/6/5/4 and AD9717/6/5/4 families) do not have…

  • RE: AD9117 FSADJI and FSADJI pin ...

    In most of our DACs we don't specify the I to Q gain match. Most of the gain match error is due to the low pass filters which typically are made with 10% components. On most of our DACs you have to use the SPI registers to configure the part so the typical…

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