• AD9717 and AD9117 CML Pins

    What is the purpose of the CMLI and CMLQ pins on the AD9717 and AD9117 DAC famlies and where do they need to be connected?

  • RE: Sinusoidal Wave using AD9717

    Yes it's possible to output a sine wave using the AD9717.

    Could you send a screenshot of the DPGDownloader screen so I can understand what youmean by the palette is blank?

    There is a link to download the evaluation board user guide on how to set up…

  • Impedance matching when AD9717 or AD9779A interfaced with ADL5375

    Can you confirm why I need to use 500ohm or 50ohm impedance matching for the
    AD9717 and AD9779A interfaced to ADL5375.
    Sorry for that basic questions, but I am from the digital world.



    Remember, that the AD9717's and AD9779A's…
  • RE: AD9717 power supply


    Yes it does support AVDD = 3.3V, CVDD = 3.3V, DVDD = 1.8V, DVDDIO = 1.8V, and your understanding of "Strap DVDD to DVDDIO at 1.8 V" and absolute limit on CLKIO are correct.



  • Power supply configuration for AD9717

    1) Does the AD9717 support the power supply configuration: AVDD = 3.3V, CVDD = 3.3V, DVDD = 1.8V, DVDDIO = 1.8V?

    2) What is the absolute maximum ratings for DCLKIO?

  • RE: AD9717 eval board

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  • AD9717: Pin connection

    Please advice me how to connect "DVDD" pin, 1. to a capacitor only 2. to 3.3V
    3. do i need to activate the internal LDO or not. 4. others I'm confused since
    on top of Table 1 it's define "DVDD=3.3V" in "absotute max" table DVDD…
  • RE: AD9781-Register values

    We do have parts AD9717 that can be programmed down to 1ma full scale but AD9781 minimum full scale curren is 8.66ma as specified in the data sheet.

  • RE: AD9726 info

    Hi -

    We did not characterize PSRR on the AD9726. The AD9707, AD9717 or AD9117 may be of interest to you. These do have PSRR specs.



  • Digital code units of amplitude

    The amplitude of the sinusoid created using the eval board software of AD9717 is in units of "digital code" as shown in the image below. Can someone explain what these units mean and how I can convert them into a unit such as volts?