• RE: TxDAC Two Singles vs. One Dual

    Thanks Larry, I missed the AD9715 in my parametric search. I was sorting on TxDAC under the features parameter but the AD9715 doesn't have that listed. It looks like a perfect fit for my application.

  • AD9715 latency


    how can I make the DAC latency known and deterministic?

    I also need that the latency does not vary in time.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Low Sampling Rate of AD9715


    I am developing an application based on AD9715, and I came across a strange problem: the real maximum sampling rate of the DAC is much lower than it is described in the datasheet.

    Referencing to AD9715 Datasheet Rev. A, I  make the DAC work in…

  • RE: AD9761 and AD9763

    The AD9115 and AD9715 are 10 bit dual 125MSPS worth looking at.

    Someone from the HDMI group needs to address the AD9883.



  • AD971x CML resistor value

    The AD971x daatsheet states that the internal CML resistor can be adjusted from 250 Ohm to 1 kOhm.

    However, Figure 102 shows a variation from 300 to 1100 Ohm. Which one should I consider for the calculation of the output common model level?


  • AD971x self-calibration

    Is it mandatory to write the 32 coefficients to device for the calibration to take effect?



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  • AD9717 and AD9117 CML Pins

    What is the purpose of the CMLI and CMLQ pins on the AD9717 and AD9117 DAC famlies and where do they need to be connected?

  • DAC Calibration

    Some high speed DAC have options for auto-calibration. Why and when should I use this option?