• IBIS model for AD9708

    Hi all,

    Is there IBIS model for AD9708 availble?

    AD9708 IBIS Models links is broken at web page.

    It say "Ahhh, technology. We can't find that page."

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  • RE: how to extend a 8bits DAC pecision to 10 bits 12bit and more


    Not sure if I fully understand the question, but if you need a 10-bit DAC why did you buy an 8-bit DAC?... I do not mean to be cavalier about it, but if DAC resolution could be easily increased through software, why would ADI offer HS DACs with 

  • Alternate part for AD9768


    We are looking for the alternate part for AD9768 since it is obsolete.

    Alternate part(AD9708) suggested is not meeting the settling time requirement.

    AD9768 - 5ns

    AD9708 - 35ns

    We need the better settling time part. Pls recommend.



  • AD9707 with unipolar buffered voltage output


    I will use AD9707 with unipolar buffered voltage output.

    But Figure 89 of the date sheet seems incorrect.

    Can I use the unipolar buffered voltage output of Figure 19 in AD9708 data sheet?

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  • RE: Mode of operation of AD9768


    First, it appears that the diagrams for Figures 1 and 2 are swapped.  It looks like the AD9768  is being used in voltage multiplying mode, similar to the schematic in Figure 1 (which again is mislabeled as Conventional AD9768), and described in the…

  • RE: 这11大应用领域,你在里面么?


  • Which should I connect REFLO of AD9744 to ? ACOM or AVDD ?

    Hi, in the datasheet of AD9744, it states that REFLO should be connected to ACOM for both internal and external reference operation modes. However in the reference designs (SOIC), it says that if you want to use external REFIO, you should tie REFLO to AVDD…