• RE: AD9707 outputs nothing

    Hi -

    Have you reset the AD9707 by applying a high pulse to the RESET pin? The AD9707 has no power on reset.


  • AD 9707 Power Supply

    I’m using  AD9707 with AVDD=1.8V, CLKVDD=2.5V and DVDD=3.3V power supply according to data sheet that, at pag. 30, states:

    “The analog and digital sections of the AD9704/AD9705/AD9706/AD9707 have separate power supply inputs (AVDD and DVDD) that can…

  • AD9707 clock input ac coupling

    Is the following scheme OK for biasing the AD9707 inputs. Is there any potential problem when no clock is provided (i.e. both inputs equal? FWIW clock frequency is 40 or 80MHz. The AD9707 supply is 3.3V.

  • RE: Sample rates and setting time of AD9747?

    Hi -

    Yes the AD9707 is a better choice for transient response.

    There's a problem with the AD9707 on chip reference. It's best to use an off chip reference connected to REFIO if possible.


  • IBIS model for AD9707

    Is there IBIS model for AD9707 DAC availble?

  • RE: Odd failure mode for AD9707

    Hi Dave -

    This failure is not something we've seen or expect to see with the AD9707. If you'd like to send us the section of your schematic showing discreet components used with and connectiosn to the AD9707 we may be able to come up with some ideas…

  • AD9707 output

    I am developing a measurement probe , I tried to use the DAC AD9707 for converting my parallel digital 14 bit data provided by TLK 2501 transreceiver,, I configured the DAC with 3.3 V DC specification environment (AVDD= 3.3V and DVDD=2.5V)

    My digital…

  • RE: AD9707 SPI Interface Voltage

    Hi -

    Unfortunately, the AD9707 does not work if AVDD = 3.3V and DVDD = 1.8V. These supply voltages must be the same.


  • RE: Do I need calibration circuit for AD9744 to produce high-precision output?

    Hi -

    the AD9744 or AD9707 would be your be your best bet. The other two are being discontinued.