• AD9707 output extremely noisy

    Hello, I received a board with an AD9707 on it.

    It seems they are trying to turn the differential signal to a single ended one.

    I was told to first measure across R199, but my output looks terrible.

    Clock is differential input to the AD9707, 100 MH…

  • AD9707 do I need to separate DVDD AVDD CVDD ?

    I am designing a board with 2 AD9707 chips. I do have switched power supply generating 1.8V_digital. It is then filtered (L and many C) and used to supply CVDD and AVDD,

    I am afraid to allow 1.8V_digital anywhere near my analog area of my board. Therefore…

  • RE: AD9707 IOUT_update Timing

    Thanks for being sharing all the helpful details.

    Unfortunately, this is an old part so there is limited documents available regarding the timing characterization and the current board does not have provision for us to confirm. I just wanted to mention…

  • Issue to get clean output of AD9707

    I try to use two parallel  AD9707 on a mixed signal FPGA board for signal generation @ about 5MHz. Whilst @ the ouputs of both AD9707 a strange behavior can be noticed.

    AVDD = 1.8V
    DVDD = 1.8V
    Diff_CLK = 65MHz
    FS_ADJ 6k4 to GND
    OTCM to GND
    Differential Buffered…

  • AD9707 Minimum Sample Clock


    Can the AD9707 be run with a 1MHz Sample Clock?  If not, what is the slowest clock one can use with this part?  The datasheet shows performance as slow as 10MHz, but we are interested in running at 1MHz for our application.


    Kevin Harris

  • ad9707 gain control with external voltage reference


    I will use ad9707 output arbitrary waveform, need to digitally control output amplitude. A coarse controlling is OK, like 100~256 taps. Don't want to use VGA like AD8338.

    In datasheet, there is a comment:  " Also, a variable external voltage…

  • RE: AD9707 with unipolar buffered voltage output


    Thank you for your reply.

    I close this question.

    Best regards


  • EVAL-AD9707+DPG3


    My customer used EVAL-AD9707+DPG3.

    They acted on "AD9707-DPG2 Evaluation Board Quick Start Guide.pdf".

    They succeeded in generating 20MHz.



     Sample Rate:50M

     Desired Frequency:100k



    but They missed in generating…

  • AD9707 Boot Up / Initialization Issue

    Hi, I have the AD9707 DAC designed into my proprietary board as part of an SDR TX circuit and out of about 20 boards, 3 are exhibiting intermittent transmit issues, which turns out to be the DAC outputting nothing every so often. A power cycle usually…