• RE: AD9706 Rset Value

    For anyone else, I believe the math should give 16.4k, not 1.64k

    (62.5*10^-6) = 1.025/Rset

    Rset = 16.4k

  • RE: AD9706 OTCM pin powered from ADP223 LDO

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  • AD9706 OTCM

    We are using the above part to drive a zero-IF IQ modulator that requires a DC bias of 1.15V. We have set the full scall current to 5mA (Radj = 6.4K). We have set the OTCM to 1V (from REFIO). We have a load resistance of 118 ohms. We are unable to achieve…

  • AD9706 Output buffer question

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently working on a low power chirp generator.

    Someone before me working on this, used the AD9752 (12-Bit).

    I would like to replace the DAC for an AD9706 (12-bit), on the output I'd like to use an

    differential to single…

  • AD9706 OTCM pin powered from ADP223 LDO

    We have a development card using 2 x AD9706 DACs to drive a zero-IF IQ modulator that requires a DC bias of 1.15V. We have set the full scale current to 5mA (Radj = 6.45K). We have set the OTCM to 0.5V, derived from a ADP223 Dual LDO. We have a load resistance…

  • RE: How to convert 12 bits Serial LVDS to parallel 12 bits for DAC interface?

    Dear Mr. Deljones,

    I am using the parallel input DAC (AD9706). My FPGA is giving a serial output which am converting to parallel digital inputs for the DAC using an intermediate De-Serializer. The de-serializer gives a clock output based on the frequency…

  • AD970x - Internal Reference at Power Up

    Regarding the note in the AD970x datasheet:

    "The internal 1.0 V band gap reference may on occasion power up in a state that leaves the DAC output nonfunctional. To clear this state, power up again, and check that the voltage on the REFIO pin is within…

  • RE: AD9238 ADC Voltage Input

    Oh. Thanks. So do you mean if I use Figure 64. The Vth could be +-1V, and the differential output Vo is always above 0V, so it could match the range of AD9238. Right? But I have another question, when I use AD9706 DAC, the output of that is above GND…

  • RE: Max time to power back from sleep mode of AD9740

    Thanks, I agreed.

    BTW, please let me additional inquiry.

    In a datasheet of AD9705, there is resemble sentence "The AD9704/AD9705/AD9706/AD9707 approximately 5 μs to power back up, when 3.3 V AVDD is used."

    Can I suppose that the max time…