• AD9705 is not work properly

    I’m using AD9705 with AVDD=3.3V, CLKVDD=3.3V and DVDD=3.3V power supply according to data sheet. The DAC_CLK and DB0~9 is controled by FPGA.

    In my project, the DAC_CLK is 16Mhz, and IOUTA is connect to 400Ω resister to GND, IOUTB is connect to…

  • AD9705 DAC Failure


    I'm currently using the AD9705 in conjunction with the ADA4430-1 for a video design project. The design works. However, After a few months of field trial , several units came back without video. I measured all the signals going into the DAC and they…

  • AD9705 FS ADJ

    When using the AD9705 with the 1.25V internal reference what should be the voltage on the FS ADJ pin?

  • AD9705 in single-ended mode


    I want used DAC AD9705 in single-ended mode with 499 Ohm load resistor for voltage range from 0 to 1 V. I have two question. Where connect the OTCM output pin in this mode? What is the minimum update frequency in this mode?

    Best regards.

  • AD9705 Single-Ended Buffer Circuit

    Hello All,


    I am confusing on the figure 89 of AD9705 Data Sheet.

    Based on the specification section, the output compliance voltage range is +/- 0.8V, from OTCM to IOUTA/IOUTB.

    In the figure, the OTCM terminal is tied to GND, which means the IOUTA…

  • AD9705 with current mirror load

    Within my current research project I'm using an AD9705 DAC loaded with a wilson current mirror. The output load of the current mirror is a 120 Ohm resistor. I've set the full scale current of the DAC to 2mA.

    My problem is now, that at the moment…

  • AD9705 FS ADJ with dac

    We are trying to use another DAC to adjust the voltage across RSET to allow for adjusting the Full Scale Current Output. Has anyone done this before? Is this possible?

  • Spice Model of AD9705 or Anoalog Portion


    is there a LTSpice Model of AD9705?

    I can imagine digital part is difficult to model, but maybe analog portion model is available?

  • AD9705数模转换器外围电路问题,请协助解决。



  • TxDAC Two Singles vs. One Dual

    I'm adapting a design from a retired engineer with two discrete AD9705s being used for IQ modulation. I noticed that in an earlier design, he had used a single AD9763. Comparing both of these options, it seems that the two discrete AD9705s beat the AD9763…