• RE: SPICE model for AD9704

    AS discussed offline, we recommend moving to the AD911x family or AD974x family of DACs.  

  • AD9704问题


  • RE: IBIS model for AD9708

    Hi -

    We have an ibis model for the AD9704 which you can use here.


  • RE: AD9705数模转换器外围电路问题,请协助解决。



  • RE: Max time to power back from sleep mode of AD9740

    Thanks, I agreed.

    BTW, please let me additional inquiry.

    In a datasheet of AD9705, there is resemble sentence "The AD9704/AD9705/AD9706/AD9707 approximately 5 μs to power back up, when 3.3 V AVDD is used."

    Can I suppose that the max time…

  • AD9704 - "powers up in a state that leaves the DAC output nonfunctional".

    I am currently designing an upgrade to existing equipment that needs an additional DAC. I was going to use the AD9704 but when the datasheet was updated from Rev. B to Rev. C in September this year, the following was added in the "Reference Operation…

  • AD 9707 Power Supply

    I’m using  AD9707 with AVDD=1.8V, CLKVDD=2.5V and DVDD=3.3V power supply according to data sheet that, at pag. 30, states:

    “The analog and digital sections of the AD9704/AD9705/AD9706/AD9707 have separate power supply inputs (AVDD and DVDD) that can…

  • AD970x output

    I'm obviously missing something fundamental with figure 89 of the AD970x data sheet - if REFIO is driving 1V to the noninverting input of the op amp, it appears V_iouta will always be >1V;  isn't this outside of its compliance range?

    Can you…

  • RE: AD970X DAC output questions

    I may have the answer already but just to verify, if you look at the datasheet for the AD970X, page 24 (rev B datasheet), Figure 51, there is a spectral plot of a single tone.  That plot states for Vdd=3.3V, Iout_fs=2mA, freq=15MHz, that the Pout is about…