• AD9697: restriction for decimation rate


    I have a question about AD9697 decimation rate.
    Our customer wishes to use AD9696 with the following configuration.
    (He is using AD9690 now with the same configuration)

    Sample rate = 960MSPS
    Decimation rate = 4
    L=2, M=2, F=2
    Lane rate = 4.8Gbps/Lane

  • Can AD9680 driver for AD9695 device


    We need to use AD9696 in our board, but in linux I only see AD9680 (and AD9625).

    Can AD9680 driver be used instead ?


  • RE: What ADS7-V2EBZ Input TRIG (J5) Port Specs are?

    Hi There,

    Based on the ADS7-V2EBZ schematic, the J5 input feeds the NC7WZ04 IC. As a result, the trigger port specs would be

    • The Vin min and max reported 0 and 5.5v.
    • The V_input_high min is 0.65Vcc (1.17v) and the V_input_low max is 0.35Vcc (0.63).