• AD9694 Full Bandwidth Mode operation.

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    My customer wants to ask you about the following questions related to "Full Bandwidth Mode" in AD9694. Could you please reply to the following questions?

    [Customer's AD9694 usage]:
    1) Sampling rate: 250[Msps].
    2) ADC channels:…



    The crosstalk is dependent on a myriad of factors that are external to the AD9694. I would use the datasheet as the best case guide for crosstalk. There is a possibility that the crosstalk could degrade by a few dB at higher frequency but we have…

  • AD9694 Sync / CGS Problem

    Our application uses an AD9694 in full bandwidth mode, utilizing 4 ADC cores, 4 lanes, 12Gb/s lane rate, and JESD204B subclass 1.  Sample Clock is 600MHz.  

    We have an AD9694 device that seems to not interpret the SYNCINB_CD input correctly.  We are driving…

  • AD9694 configuration

    I'm using AD9694 ADCs running at 400MHz connected to a Kintex 7.  I've found that every 30th time or so that the ADCs are configured, one or all four channels have corrupted data.  I believe I've corrected the problem by adding 5ms delays between…

  • AD9694 Settling

    Hi, I'm running an AD9694 at 400MHz.  I'm testing the settling time with a flat top input.  I see behavior as shown in the attached images - the input to the AD9694 is flat, but the digitized output shows an overshoot and slow settling over a few…

  • RE: Can AD9694 support the simple 500[Msps] 14-bit Quad ADC operations with disabling any filtering function built-in AD9694?

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    I am so sorry to ask you again and again. Let me ask you the following question again.

    Q1-2: You told us about the following feedback:
    "The AD9694 by default does not enable any DDCs, and hence…

  • Channel-to-channel consistency of AD9694


    what is the performance of aperture delay matching between quad channels of the same chip of AD9694? 

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  • RE: AD9694 do not start convertion


    What are you seeing at the output of the AD9694 when the "the conversion does not start"?


  • RE: AD9694 Losing Sync & Real Data Output Only?

    I'm still having this issue; has anyone working with the AD9694 (or any JESD data converter) seen something similar? 

  • AD9694-500EBZ, 1GHz clock source compatibility with LVPECL, LVDS, or LVCMOS output termination

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    I am wondering if AD9694-500EBZ, 1GHz clock source port (J203) and ADS7-V2BZ, J3 port are compatible with the LVPECL, LVDS, or LVCMOS output termination signal type.  Could you please let me know if any of the above output termination types are…