• RE: AD9694 SYSREF signal doesn't work

    the datasheet clearly explains how to arm sysref and operate the AD9694 in subclass1. 

  • RE: ADC driver for AD9694

    the anti-aliasing filter can be redesigned to suit your application needs. see this example below

    CN0227 Circuit Note | Analog Devices

  • RE: AD9694: Input Common Mode


    AC coupling is default. no need to change anything. 

    please see datasheet. the section clearly states that these registers need to be written to only when using dc-coupling.

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  • RE: Interfacing with the AD9694 SYSREF input

    AD9694 datasheet clearly lists the levels supported. we recommend DC coupling. if AC coupling, please use continuous sysref. for more information please refer to the datasheet

  • RE: Input matching network for AD9694

    the input impedance changes across frequency. the network was chosen to provide a single wideband option for frequencies from DC to 2GHz. You can download the s-parameter data for the inputs and create a matching network to suit your frequency range. 

  • RE: AD9694 Serial Data out pad gnd void

    hi, please take a look at the layout of the AD9694 customer evaluation board. gerber files are available here : EVALUATING THE AD9694 QUAD CHANNEL 500 MSPS ADC [Analog Devices Wiki]