• No-OS support for ad9694

    Is there a compatible driver in the no-OS tools for controlling the AD9694?

  • AD9694-500EBZ orcad schematic design file

    Please provide the AD9694-500EBZ orcad schematic design file.

    You can share it with my mail id nirbhaykumar@bel.co.in

  • AD9694 EVAL AVDD1

    I have designed an ADC board based on the AD9694.

    For the power approx 1V power rails (AVDD1, DVDD, DRVDD1) I followed the AD9694 evaluation board design and used an ADP1762 with the voltage adjust resistor = 6k34 and the same two stage filter circuit…

  • AD9694 IBIS-AMI model

    Does Analog provide a IBIS-AMI model for the AD9694?  If not is there another model I can use to simulate the JESD204 serdes link? 

    Searching through EZ it looks like the AD9680 may do the job and my HyperLynx sim with this model shows promising results…

  • AD9694 EVK or +AD9154 EVK_using the FPGA software of ADS7 or ADS8

    using the FPGA software of ADS7 or ADS8  

    Dear team,


    Our customer is going to verify the performance of AD9694 EVB and AD9154 EVB.

    According to the user guide, ADS7 or ADS8 data capture boards are needed.


    But our customer wants to use the only FPGA software…

  • On the use of ad9694


    In order to better understand the use of ad9694, a small demo board is made according to ad9694-500ebz, but the bottom noise of the board data collection is about - 98dbc (without analog clock, air mining). In the same case, the bottom noise of air…

  • RefClk input from AD9694-500EBZ


    We are currently using the data capture board ADS7v2 connected to AD9694-500EBZ (new version) for some tests. According to ADI's wiki page, the RefClk is connected into J3 of ADS7 card. And followed by that, we can successfully obtain the data…

  • AD9694-500ebz, ADS7-v2EBZ, visual analog and ACE issues

    Hi support.

    on behalf of a client.

    using this set up as advise by the part AD9694-500ebz, ADS7-v2EBZ, visual analog and ACE.

    question “In the ACE application, in register view window, they don’t see register 0x011A. they would like to amend it to see if…

  • 询问AD9694的Input Common Mode设置问题

    我正在使用AD9694设计一款无线电设备。Datasheet中关于Input Common Mode的介绍我没有理解。我的问题是:

    1. AC耦合输入,需要配置那些寄存器?如何配置?
    2. 寄存器0x18E00x18E10x18E2如何配置?各Bit有何含义?
    3. 寄存器0x18E3 Bit6 所指的External VCM Buffer的使能是指输出VCM电压到管脚?如果我配置为AC耦合,这一位如何配置?
    4. Datasheet图57中的VCM Buffer就是Datasheet中所指的External VCM…