• RE: AD9694-500EBZ can be connected KCU105?


    Please see the schematic for the AD9694-500EBZ. 

    EVALUATING THE AD9694 QUAD CHANNEL 500 MSPS ADC [Analog Devices Wiki] 

    The AD9694-500EBZ has a FMC HPC connector and follows the vita57.1 guidelines for electrical connectivity. If the KCU105/ZC706…

  • Dump register on the Analog Devices evaluation board

    Good morning,

    we are using the Analog Devices evaluation board 1.3.2470.0 to test the AD9694.

    It is possible to dump the configuration of the AD9694 by readback the register memory map ?

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  • Vivado Project files for ad9694-500ebz?

    On the page for the ad9694-500ebz (https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/ad9694-500ebz), I see this:


    Is the Vivado project that generated this file available?

  • AD9694 - JESD204B setup

    I'm trying to understand the AD9694 - according to the datasheet, "By default, the AD9694 is configured to use four converters and four lanes."

    However, it looks like that is *total* number of lanes, and that the device actually uses 2…

  • AD9694 Full Bandwidth Mode operation.

    Dear Experts,

    My customer wants to ask you about the following questions related to "Full Bandwidth Mode" in AD9694. Could you please reply to the following questions?

    [Customer's AD9694 usage]:
    1) Sampling rate: 250[Msps].
    2) ADC channels:…

  • What is a good starting point to get the AD9694 working with the ZCU102 board?


    Currently I try to connect the AD9694-500EBZ to the ZCU102 Zync Ultrascale evaluation kit. On the FPGA reference design page I see some user guides for different FMC-boards that provide a good starting point but unfortunately the AD9694-500EBZ board…



    The crosstalk is dependent on a myriad of factors that are external to the AD9694. I would use the datasheet as the best case guide for crosstalk. There is a possibility that the crosstalk could degrade by a few dB at higher frequency but we have…

  • AD9694 register scope

    Hi -

    The data sheet for the AD9694 states that register names are prefixed with either global map, channel map, JESD204B map, or pair map.
    There are a few that do not follow this convention.  Can someone please confirm the scope of each of these registers…

  • RE: Can AD9694 support the simple 500[Msps] 14-bit Quad ADC operations with disabling any filtering function built-in AD9694?

    Hello Judy-san,

    Thank you so much for your kind reply.

    I am so sorry to ask you again and again. Let me ask you the following question again.

    Q1-2: You told us about the following feedback:
    "The AD9694 by default does not enable any DDCs, and hence…

  • RE: AD9694 do not start convertion


    What are you seeing at the output of the AD9694 when the "the conversion does not start"?