• AD9691 and AD9691 evaluation kits (AD9691-1250EBZ)?

    Is there any user guide of AD9691 and AD9691 evaluation kits (AD9691-1250EBZ)? I cannot find the information in the website. 

  • How to set LTC5586 ADRF6520 AD9691 Common mode voltages ?

    Dear Sir,
    Our application is Zero-IF.
    But AD9691 provide common mode voltage 0.85V.
    I have some questions as below:
    1. What the common mode voltage for ac-coupled of ADRF6520?
    2. May I use  AC-coupled connection from LTC5586 to ADRF6520 and from ADRF6520…
  • AD9691 Sample Synchronization

    We are interested in AD9691 multichip synchronization, with different decimation rates being used in different channels, either within the same chip or between chips. The JESD204B link guarantees deterministic latency across the link, but does not consider…

  • AD9691 Lanes Per Link

    I'm having trouble following what is considered a Link in the AD9691.  On page 49 of the datasheet:

    The AD9691 has one JESD204B link. The device offers an easy

    way to set up the JESD204B link through the quick configuration

    register (Register…

  • Question about AD9691 in Complex output mode


    My customer use AD9691 and they confirm the normal output at DDC Bypass (Real Output) mode.

    However they got a issue at Baseband I/Q(Complex Output) Mode.

    Regadless of Signal input, they can confirm that unknoen datum are receved at both Port…

  • AD9691 AGND and EPAD

    The AD9691 datasheet says that EPAD must be connected to AGND in Table 8.  In the same table, AGND has a footnote that says to connect AVDD1_SR and AGND separately from AVDD1 and EPAD. 

    Are AGND and EPAD the same ground, or are they separate grounds which…

  • AD9691: Driving SYNCINB Input single-ended

    Hi all,

    I am currently in the design phase of a data aquistion system using the AD9691.

    Looking at the datasheet of the device I can learn that the SYNC input (normally differential) can also be driven single-ended.

    The converter device will accept…

  • AD9691 Power supply recommendations error?

    Power supply recommendation, Figure 83, in the AD9691(Rev 0) datasheet,

    3.3V Input -> ADP2164 (1.8V) -> ADP125 -> AVDD1_SR

    It is normal power supply sequence as I know.

    But in the ADP125(Rev D) datasheet,

    Input voltage supply range of ADP125…

  • Request your confirmation about a test configurations of AD9691


    My customer decied to use AD9691 in their new product.

    And they are testing the operation & performance of this device now.

    During their test, they have a problem at CH B ADC

    They say that in case of CH A, they confirmed a normal operation…

  • AD9691 max. sampling rate??

    Hi concerned...

    I'm looking for multi-channel & high speed ADC(above 1Gsps).

    Finally I found a part(AD9691-1250) that meets our requirements.

    I want to use AD9691 ADC at about 1.5Gsps, but its' max. sampling rate is 1.25Gsps on datasheet.…