• AD9689 maximum input voltage

    I have a question related to the maximum input signal of AD9689. The question is somehow similar to https://ez.analog.com/data_converters/high-speed_adcs/w/documents/2708/ad6645-max-input-signal and ez.analog.com/.../381667

    In my application, I have signals…

  • RE: ad9689 balun transformer

    what is the frequency range of interest? TCM1-83, TCM2-63, all work

  • RE: Request for AD9689 design review

    thank you

    I noticed that the clock coupling considerations have not been implemented in the power supply side. please refer to the datasheet section for more information. this helps reduce clock coupling and improves snr performance. 

    for the…

  • RE: AD9689 CAN'T WORK

    Hi chennash30, even I am facing same issues now ,I hope you found the solution for this,please let me know

  • RE: AD9689 - 2600EBZ Configuration

    Hi Judy,

    I have tried writing 0x02 to reg 0x0001 it also doesn't work.

    Please help me out..

  • RE: AD9689 PN9 and PN23

    You are welcome. Concerning the 'repeats' of the table, you do not really need it if you use the % operator to roll around. The 'repeat' is only relevant if you are interested in knowing after how many 'rolls' you will get the same 14-bit word you started…

  • AD9689 EVM Full Bandwidth mode with kcu105


    I am testing ad9689 full band width mode with fpga board ,in ad9689 evm schematics they have given 4 wire spi from FMC side, but after it is sdo and sdi are combined through level shifter and connected to adc9689 chip ,while I was writing and reading…

  • AD9689 voltage at the input of ADC


    The input given is 19dBm 50 ohm RF single ended signal. Can u please have a look at the input circuit and tell what will be the voltage swing at the input of ADC? PDF

  • AD9689-2600 EEPROM

    I'm trying to use the datacapture card (ADS7-V2) to capture ADC samples from our real card using the ACE software.  It looks like the ACE software needs to read a particular set of information from the EEPROM on the AD9689-2600 eval board.  Is it possible…

  • AD9689 Eval

    We are having trouble getting FFT's from the ACE ADC capture software. We are using an AD9689-2000 eval board with the ADS7-V2 capture board. The resulting screen shot is shown in the attachment. Any help is appreciated.