• AD9208-3000EBZ or AD9689 - 2600EBZ

    The design schematics for the AD9208 and AD9689 are identical except for the chip itself. However, the AD9208-3000ebz is more expensive than the AD9689-2000ebz. The AD9208-3000ebz is cheaper than the AD9689-2600ebz. Are there any better performances Or…

  • AD9689 on Quattro card

    Need to get AD9689 eval card running on Quattro TB-KU-115 Kintex Ultrascale card.  Got 8 lane JESD204 FPGA receiver ready however it appears I also need custom SPI controller to setup AD9689.  However, will AD9689 run without any SPI writes if my JESD config…

  • RE: AD9689 linearity - DNL Measurement


    AD9689 does have dither, although i am not sure if that is a contributor to the trend you are seeing. We do not recommend the AD9689 dither be disabled.


  • RE: ACE version about AD9689-2000EBZ


          Thank you for your reply, I would like to know if the AD9689-2000EBZ can be directly identified  by  usb, regardless of the base board, because I want to use the AD9689-2000EBZ with the zc706.


  • RE: Can a single AD9689 achieve time interleaved sampling?


    thanks for response,

    em..., I want to achieve 10GSPS by interleaving four ADC cores and I think about use two AD9689.

    Is this possible?If not, is there other product choice that guarantee the same resolution 14bits as AD9689?

  • When I use the FS*4 mode of the AD9689, the PLL cannot be locked. The PLL can be locked when using other modes

    When I use the FS*4 mode of the AD9689, the PLL cannot be locked. The PLL can be locked when using other modes. Using the chip AD9689BBPZ-2000, the sampling rate is 1.25Gsps, the transceiver rate is 5Gbps, and the reference clock is 250M. The FS*4 mode…

  • RE: AD9689 SYSREF timing requirement

    In the AD9689 datasheet, for figure 148 should be as below

  • AD9689 clock input impedance


    AD9689 clock impedance is 106 ohm as follows.

    On the other hands there is 100 ohm as R222 on AD9689 demo board between clk+ and clk- looking below.

    Why is R222 needed on the demo board?



  • RE: 『新品速递』这4款ADC,是你的设计中需要的么


  • RE: Clock relationship in jesd204


      It is AD9689-2000EBZ.