• HSC-ADC-EVALDZ and AD9683-250 EVAL Board


    I have been tasked with setting up and using two boards


       1xAD9683-250 EVAL Board (Only other identifying text is 08-035115 REV A, 9683CE01B)

    I have worked through the quick start guide I have found online but I cannot seem to…

  • Is there an additional data capture required in order to evaluate the AD9683?

    Is there an additional data capture required in order to evaluate the AD9683?


    Yes, it requires the high speed ADC data capture card called HSC-ADC-EVALDZ. 

  • AD9683 - Two tone SFDR degrades as tone seperation gets closer in (10KHz). Thoughts?

    We made an observation with regards to the two tone SFDR measurement (IMD3), where as the tone separation narrows from 3MHz down to 10KHz, the SFDR performance degrades. This is issue is more pronounce in the 2nd Nyquist zone.


  • AD9683的引脚如何与zynq 7015芯片中的 JESD204 ip核端口对应相连

    目前,我在设计中想使用ZYNQ 7015系列的FPGA,利用JESD204 IP核接收A/D转换器AD9683转换完成后的数据。但是JESD204 IP核的端口很多,我不知道应该如何将AD9683芯片上JESD204B协议对应的引脚(SYSREF、SYNCINB和SERDOUT)与ZYNQ7015芯片中的JESD204 IP核的端口对应相连。
  • Evaluation Board

    Is there an evaluation board for the AD9683?


    Yes. The evaluation board for the AD9683 supports both speed grades which
    include 170 MSPS and 250 MSPS.
  • RE: AD9634 SDIO pin logic output


    The information for the SDIO as an output was not included in the AD9634 data sheet unfortunately. The SDIO driver from the AD9634 is very similar to the SDIO driver on the AD9683.  You can substitute the values from the AD9683 for the SDIO as an…

  • RE: Clarification on AD - 9683

    here is the information on the AD9683 : https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/ad9683-170ebz_ad9683-250ebz_ad6677ebz

    you can look at the AD9467-FMC-250EBZ schematic to ascertain if it can work with ZC706

  • Input clock frequency

    What is the highest input clock frequency supported by the AD9683 family?


    The maximum sampling rate is 250 Msps. 
  • RE: ad9467 device driver



    Please take a look here:




    Your SPI master needs a AD9467 slave node.

    This node also needs a clock property.

    In the AXI entry…

  • RE: AD9680 and AD9625 IBIS AMI files

    Do you have models for the JESD204 outputs of the AD9683 too?