• AD9681 balun stage

    Dear ADI engineers, 

    I am using AD9681. 

    The balun stage in AD9681 is MABA-007159-000000 with the frequency region 4.5-3000MHz.

    I would like to work with lower frequency. Could I change this balun stage to another one?

    If possible. Could you recommend me…


    Hi Padraic,

    The document which shared is of ad7691 and i am looking for ad7961(with virtex 6)

  • AD9681 Offset Error


    AD9681 Offset Error is +0.21%FSR(typ).

    AD9681 input range is 2Vpp.

    So Offset Error is calculated 2Vx0.21/100=+4.2mV

    Is it right?

    Best regards


  • One lane mode AD9681 HSC-ADC-EVALEZ

    Hello support team,

    I am working with AD9681 + HSC-ADC-EVALEZ. I've already have the HDL code for configure it. 

    But in the code I have, there is only option for two lane mode. 

    Could I ask the HDL code part for one lane mode? 

    Thank you,


  • FPGA source code AD9681 capture board HSC - ADC - EVALEZ


               I work with a set of HSC-ADC-EVALEZ +AD9681. Now my work is to program the FPGA on HSC-ADC-EVALEZ (Virtex 6). But I don't understand how it woks without example. I can't restore source code from .mcs file. Whether is there any source code for…

  • Using AD9681 eval board with ZCU102

    Hello all!

    Does AD9681 have a ZCU102 driver Demo? If so, can share a copy?


  • AD9681 xilinx ultrascale data capture HDL code.

    Hi. I'm using AD9681.

    I want to capture data with xilinx ultrascale FPGA .

    Is there any HDL code for this?

  • Drive AD9681 single-ended


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer considers driving the AD9681 inputs single-ended. Is it possible? If it is possible, could you please tell me the recommended driver circuit?



  • 关于AD9681是否可被zynq-7020的pl端驱动


  • AD9681 high noise floor


    We have a problem with our AD9681-125EBZ board (01-039100, REV B). We are using it with the Digilent Nexys Video FPGA board. When sampling very low power signals, the ADC works as expected. But when sampling signals closer to the full scale, the…