• AD9680 (using ad9680-1000ebz) clock-divider phase

    Hi EZ,

    I am evaluating AD9680. I connect the same signal to both Channels, I sample at 1GSPS and the data comes spot on the same.

    However no matter what I select in 0x10C the data from ADC ChA vs ChB is never shifted by any clock delay. 

    I've tried 1 GHz…

  • AD9680 and AD9680-1000EBZ

    Hello everybody,

    we would like to evaluate AD9680 1GSps ADC. After few days of reading docs and browsing AD9680-1000EBZ schematics, I'd like to ask you a few questions.

    I've found the schematics of AD9680-1000EBZ here:


  • Why is AD9680-820 cheaper than AD9680-500?

    I can understand why the AD9680 would cost less than the AD9680-1 since the -1 has a 1 GSPS bandwidth and the -820 has "only" 820 MSPS bandwidth. But, why is the -820 less expensive than the -500 which only has 500 MSPS of bandwidth?

  • AD9680 (AD9680-500EBZ) and Aria 10 SoC interface


    Could ADI please provide interface example/evaluation/test designs for AD9680 (AD9680-500EBZ) and Aria 10 SoC?

    What design support/resources are available for Altera Aria SoC? 

    Best Regards


  • [AD-FMCADC4-EBZ][AD9680] Full scale input range way too low for AD9680


    My name is Antony and I'm working on a FMCADC4-EBZ board which includes two AD9680 for a total of four ADC channels. I'm trying to give some sense to read values I get from the AD9680s. For testing, I have plugged the FMCADC4-EBZ board into a…

  • Is there any way to pause the AD9680 chip from sampling(only using the configuration on AD9680 chip, not FPGA).


    I wonder if there is any way to pause the AD9680 chip from sampling(only using the configuration on AD9680 chip, not FPGA).

    I check the AD9680 documentation, I haven't found anything talks about how to pause sampling. I also looked at the following…

  • ad9680

    During ad9680 configuration register, whether ad9680 is establishing the link with FPGA. Or wait for it to complete, then build

  • AD9680


  • ad9680

    1. Referring to Figure 1 and Figure 2, I would like to ask whether the R204 resistor in the evaluation board AD9680-1000 has been installed, because it is covered by the transformer, so I can't see clearly. Since J201 is not installed on the evaluation…

  • AD9680 Design


        I'm planning to use AD9680 to develop a reciever system. There's some issues confusing me, can anybody answer my questions?

    1. I found that there are two evaluation boards for AD9680, one named 9680CE04B and another named 9680CE02B. They…