• AD9680 and AD9680-1000EBZ

    Hello everybody,

    we would like to evaluate AD9680 1GSps ADC. After few days of reading docs and browsing AD9680-1000EBZ schematics, I'd like to ask you a few questions.

    I've found the schematics of AD9680-1000EBZ here:


  • RE: ad9680

    please provide screenshots. 

  • RE: ad9680 jesd204

    PLL lock status register 0x56f is set to 1 for a while, 0 for a while, and then 1 again.

    this probably means your clock source is not stable. 

    Secondly And my sync signal is often unlocked, that is, suddenly pulled down, sometimes…
  • Why is AD9680-820 cheaper than AD9680-500?

    I can understand why the AD9680 would cost less than the AD9680-1 since the -1 has a 1 GSPS bandwidth and the -820 has "only" 820 MSPS bandwidth. But, why is the -820 less expensive than the -500 which only has 500 MSPS of bandwidth?

  • AD9680 (AD9680-500EBZ) and Aria 10 SoC interface


    Could ADI please provide interface example/evaluation/test designs for AD9680 (AD9680-500EBZ) and Aria 10 SoC?

    What design support/resources are available for Altera Aria SoC? 

    Best Regards


  • RE: HMC7043 and AD9680 configuration

    Hi,all AD9680's status of the register 0X56F is high, and all ad9680s share the same spi, but some of them occur that sync pull down periodically ,the other ad9680s sync keeps high and they sample correct signals.

  • RE: AD9680-1250's Problem

    it looks like it is conversion errors. 

  • Changing Sampling rate AD9680-KC705 combo


    FPGA Board : KC705


    Hdl version : hdl_2019_r1

    I am trying to change the sampling rate for AD9680 by following the procedure given in https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/user-guides/ad-fmcdaq2-ebz/clocking

    After booting linux…

  • RE: AD9680 AD9690 number of ADC cores

    Hi, AD9680 and AD9690 are straight pipes. No interleaving. 

  • [AD-FMCADC4-EBZ][AD9680] Full scale input range way too low for AD9680


    My name is Antony and I'm working on a FMCADC4-EBZ board which includes two AD9680 for a total of four ADC channels. I'm trying to give some sense to read values I get from the AD9680s. For testing, I have plugged the FMCADC4-EBZ board into a…