• RE: How can I let AD9680 output K28.5?

    clean clock means a frequency stable and low jitter clock. 

    The AD9680 device clock and SYSREF PCB trace is not length matched, will this affect AD9680?

    it shouldnt. there is a sysref setup/hold monitor in the AD9680 that you can use to see…

  • Configuration of AD9680

    Hi ADI experts:

         We are using AD9680 to generate a data capturing system. Our application and environment are as below:

    i.  ADC: 1200 MSPS Sample rate, two channels, full bandwidth mode, real in (differential), real out

    ii. Clock: 2400 MHz sample clock…

  • RE: Better JESD and Linux debugging


    I changed my devictree like this:

     * Nils Minor, project [ DAQLES ]
    / {
    	fpga_axi: fpga-axi@0 {
    		#address-cells = <1>;
    		#size-cells = <1>;
    		compatible = "simple-bus";
    		axi_ad9234_dma: axi-dmac@7c400000 {

  • RE: AD9680 and AD9680-1000EBZ

    Hello Petr,

    Thank you for contacting EngineerZone regarding the AD9680.

    Petr Masek wrote:

    Hello everybody,

    we would like to evaluate AD9680 1GSps ADC. After few days of reading docs and browsing AD9680-1000EBZ schematics, I'd like to ask you a few…

  • RE: AD9680 Design

    If I use a crystal oscillator to clock AD9680 and use HMC7044 to provide other clocks for system(sysref for AD9680 and FPGA in subclass 1 application,serdes clock for FPGA), can the sampling system work?

    If you want to have deterministic…

  • AD9680


    I have a AD9234 eval board  i want to down convert  a real signal  sampled @320Mhz to base band using NCO and Mixer and get the complex data inside the fpga , the problem is that i can't get the imaginary part (Q component )   always equal to  =0

  • Question about EVAL-AD9680


    I'll try to evaluate AD9680 using EVAL-AD9680 and ADS7-V2EBZ, but I don't have a signal generator covering high speed clock.

    EVAL-AD9680 and ADS7-V2EBZ can work without external sample clock and reference clock? (Can I evaluate AD9680 without…

  • AD9680


  • RE: AD9234 FPGA not being programmed

    Hi Garrett,

    The AD9234 is the same as the AD9680. Please go ahead and program the FPGA with the AD9680 image. SPIController will then recognize the AD9234. 



  • RE: AD9680-500EBZ and ADS7-V2EBZ don't work.

    Hi  UmeahJ

    The fpga bin file is the visualAnalog internal AD9680-1000 bin file.

    Whether it can be used to AD9680-500EVB?

    Can you provide new AD9680 FPGA BIN files for AD9680-500 EVB ?