• AD9675 migration from AD9671

              We are working to redesign an ultra sound scanner. It is found that the existing system uses the AFE AD9671 which we intend to replace it with AD9675. Here are my queries.
    1. Can the AFE AD9671 replaced by AD9675 without any hardware or software…
  • Qisda: AD9671 evaluation with Xilinx KC705, Chipscope file?

    My customer, Qisda, is evaluating AD9671 with Xilinx KC705, they are using the guide from ADI Wiki:



    They want to know if we can provide the Chipscope file for them (.ltx) ?

  • How to get a quote for AD9671 Eval Kit?



    I am interested in ordering AD9671 evaluation board (AD9671-EBZ). I don't see any online link for purchasing it.  Can someone please tell me whom to contact to get a quote. 




  • RE: AD9671-EBZ: Schematic

    Hi Mr.K,

    Thank you for your interest in AD9671. Do you have the exact board in your picture? The reason I ask is that the released evaluation board for the AD9671 is a little different from the one in your picture. The released AD9671 evaluation board…

  • RE: AD9656 HDL?

    Hi Doug,

    Is there any chance I could get the code for the AD9656? We are doing a development with a Trenz TE0808 Zynq Ultrascale+ board. The eventual product will use an AD9671 and Xilinx ZU4CG.  I wanted to use the AD9671 for the evaluation. However…

  • Synchronizing the AD9671

    We have problems to synchronize the AD9671. It seems that the FPGA doesn't recognize the K28.5 characters. We clock the AD9671 with 100Mhz, so we should be in Mode 4. The RF decimator must be turned on, so the data rate is 50Mhz. The 8 ADCs of the device…

  • AD9671-EBZ


    I want to operate the following reference designs.

    AD9671 Evaluation Board, ADC-FMC Interposer & Xilinx KC705 Reference Design [Analog Devices Wiki] 

    Because I wanted to customize the source code, the source file was downloaded.

    The jesd204B0_rx4…

  • RE: Documentation for the AD9671EBZ (new version)/ KC705


    The AD9671 board documentation and software are attached.



  • Availablity of the AD9671 evaluation board

    Anybody know where I can source an AD9671 Evaluation Board? AD don't seem to provide them any more.