• AD9670

    Hello team,

    I'm looking forward to design an ultrasound imaging system using phased array transducers(preferably 2D). I need to figure out the best AFE design for my need. I assume that AD9670  + HSC-ADC-EVALCZ Data Capture Board

    would be suitable…

  • Show burst signal/pulse in the SPI controller (AD9670)

    Dear all,

    I am working with the Evaluation board AD9670, and we were able to see a sinusoidal continuous signal in the Visual Analog Software in the TGC mode. Now we changed the input signal in channel A to a burst signal, but we did not see any signal…

  • AD9670 Full Datasheet


    I was hoping to use the AD9670 for my honors project, how can I get access to the full datasheet?



  • ad9670 current consumption

    On the AD9670 data sheet, page 6, the current consumption for some of the rails is specified as:

    IAVDD1, TGC mode, LO band mode: 148/187/223/291 mA

    Under what conditions is the current consumption 148mA, and what conditions would cause it to be 291mA…

  • AD9670

    To Whom it May Concern,


    Question regarding the low pass filter frequency.  On preliminary documentation, the low pass filter was supposed to go as high as 26MHz at 80MHz clock.  The SP0 version datasheet now shows a number of frequencies “Out of tunable…

  • AD9670

    What is the reason for the having the demodulator after the ADC in the functional block diagram?

  • AD9670 Tx_trig bypas

    I have an issue with a custom PCB design with 2 AD9670, interfaceing with am FPGA module (TE0720).

    The FPGA can receive the DCO and the FCO signals, but the DOUT is always 0.

    I have evaluated my FPGA design on the AD9670 evalutation board and it works…

  • AD9670 reference design

    Hello !

    I want to buy AD9670 Evaluation Board (AD9670EBZ), so I'd like to know have you got a reference design for it,

    same as for AD9671 Evaluation Board, but using Serial LVDS to connect with FPGA ?


    Maksim Koptev 

  • AD9670 data out stream

    Dear All

    I have a problem to correct configure tha AD9670.

    If I configure the FCO in "continous mode", the FCO and the DCO signal go out correctly but the data(DOUT) are always zero. Istead if I configure FCO "only during burst" the DCO signal go out…