• AD9665 connection

    It is a question about AD9665.
    We are planning to pulse modulate the laser diode using the AD9665 (period: several tens μs, pulse width: 10 to 30 ns).
    However, we are puzzled by the significant increase in terminals from AD9662.
    In LVDS mode, I guess I'll…

  • AD9665 design question

    Hi supporters,

    I'm going to use AD9665 to modulate LED at around 30~50MHz sinusoidal or square wave, here i have something want to make sure. Before this post, i've already have a discussion in: Amplifying digital signal by ADA4870 , here i have…

  • AD9665 spice model


    I am considering AD9665.

    Is there a spice model for ADS (2012.08) ?

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  • AD9665 mounting image


    AD9665's exposed pad is top of the chip.

    Why should it be the top , not the bottom?

    And I want to see the image of mounting.

    (how to connect the heat sink and board ground)



  • AD9665 - General notes


    In general, the AD9665 datasheet rev. E is missing a lot of data.

    1) There are lot of missing figures (e.g. figure 6)

    2) OUTSEL, OSCEN ViL and ViH are missing

    3) I like to permanently disable the internal oscillator. Is it ok? I like to solely…

  • AD9665 Output current question


    I used the AD9665 to make a PCB to control the LD, but it seems that the LD does not have enough current to flow, just like the calculations in the datasheet.

    The LD used 80mW @ 700mA LD.
    3 ns ~ 14 ns pulses were input and passed through Attenuator…

  • How to AD9665 Vout control?


    The data sheet of AD9665 shows the graph of Iout according to Vout.
    The higher the Vout, the worse the linearity of Iout.
    The AD9665 has a load of only LD in my circuit.

    How can you lower it?

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  • AD9665 output current is limited


         Refer to the datasheet AD9665,the pin W*SET connect with the resistance of 4.3kΩ ,and the input current are during 0mA to 2mA.Input the correct current to the W*SET pin,but the output current are not expected.When the W*DIS pin(TTL mode) are…

  • Can the outputs of the Laser Driver AD9665 be put in parallel?

    The output current of the laser driver AD9665 is limited to 950 mA typical. To reach output currents in the range up to 2 Ampere, could the outputs of 2 or 3 of those chips be put in parallel?

  • I need a High Pulse Power output Laser Diode Driver IC as AD9665.


    I need a High Pulse Power output Laser Diode Driver IC as AD9665.

    However AD9665 has 1 problem. Vout 2.5V~3.5V.

    Theseday Laser Diode connect series resister(25 ohm) in DFB-LD. like below figure.

    Forward voltage of Laser diode is 2.5V.

    so low Vout of AD9665…