• RE: AD9656 HDL?

    Hi Dougl,

    I've been trying to get the AD9695-1300EBZ eval board to work with the VC707 Virtex-7 FPGA board. Would it be possible for me to get some example code as well? I'd be super grateful!

    My email is:


    Thanks so much!

  • RE: AD9656 HDL?

    Hi Dougl! Could you be so kind as to send me the source code as well? I'd be very grateful!!! hmahn@g.ucla.edu Thanks so much!
  • RE: AD9656 Timing & Data Mapping

    Hi Jerry.X,

    Thanks for your interest in AD9656. I'll request that the sample FPGA code be sent to you.


  • AD9656 - Unused Input Pin Connection

    Hi ADI Team,

    I am using ADC AD9656 in my new design.

    I need only two Analog input Channels. Other two Channels are not required.

    Shall i left them floating or any termination required?


  • HDL for AD9656


    I'm working on ZCU102 with AD9656. can I please have have HDL.

    Also Anyone tried with ZCU102 or any recommended board.

    Thanks in advance


  • PN23 testmode in AD9656


    I am using the 16bit-AD9656 in an FPGA project. I am able to receive data from the ADC, but would like to validate the 6Gbps link using the PN23 PRBS testmode. My VHDL PRBS-checker has been validated using real ADC-samples in another FPGA project…

  • RE: ad9656

    I have compared the hardware design to the reference design, there are no differents.

    I mearsure the devclk/sysref to ADC and FPGA, the clock is right.

    Now I configure AD9656 to ML=42, 100MHz sample clock, line rate = 4Gbps, and I connect 2 AD9656 to the…

  • RE: How to config AD9656 ?

    I experienced the same problem。Sometimes FPGA can received K28.5 and ILAS, but sometimes FPGA can't, and FPGA transceiver encouter the "8b/10b not in table" errors, and cause the link is down.

    And how do you solver the problem?

  • AD9656/SPIController Inconsistencies

    Hello. I have a question about the programming of the AD9656 and some inconsistencies I see between the SPIController software and the datasheet. We are working on custom PCBs, so I am using SPIController just to produce a script file that I can use to…

  • EVAL-AD9656 with ZCU102

    I am trying to connect the EVAL-AD9656 to a zcu102 board and I cannot find the FMC pinout and IO standards documented anywhere. Do you know where I can find this information so I can create an .xdc for the fpga?