• AD9653


    We are interested in the AD9653 converter. We understand that we need the pack AD9653 plus HSC-ADC-EVALCZ to evaluate the ADC, is that right? If so, how much it costs? and more important, it is included some VHDL code exmaple to control the AD9653?

  • AD9653 design

    I am getting difficulties in AD9653 code. Can i get refernece code for AD9653?

  • Crosstalk about AD9653

    Dear Sir/Madam,
             I am designing a NMR Signal Acquisition Board. What it does is receiving the analog signal modulated at 63.8MHz, and then converted into digital signal using AD9653. And then the digital signal enters the FPGA for downsampling, downconversion…

  • AD9653 initialize issiue


    Our design has the AD9653 clocked by 100MHz,we found our board is very sensitive to external power supply, some times it works with one power supply and gives clean output but some time it has spikes on the output with another power supply. When…

  • AD9653 Channel D problem


    I am debugging AD9653 with Artix-7 FPGA and referenced the ADC_interface supplied by XAPP524.

    The input of the signal is a sine wave which is fed by a signal generator. The outputs of each channel are monitored with a ILA in Vivado after the signals…

  • AD9653 Test Mode

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am using the AD9653 configured in Test Mode to output "alternating checkerboard".

    Register settings are default with the exception of:

    0xD => 04

    Input clock is 200MHz. In Test mode either alternating checkerboard or…

  • Undersampling with AD9653

    Dear all,

    I want to use the AD9653 working at a 125MHz sampling rate, to undersample a IF signal (E5 Galileo band)  of 50MHz bandwidth (from 70 to 120MHz). My question is:

    • Is AD9653 a good choice for this undersampling scheme? Its datasheet does not…


    In my project, I use AD9653 as the High-speed ADC with a sampling clock at 80MHz.The reference voltage of ADC is 1V.The frequency of the analog signal(sin and cos ) are 40kHz,and the amplitude of the analog signals is 2Vpp(after difference).But the…

  • AD9653-125EBZ Oversampling, Undersampling


    We are planning to use AD9653-125EBZ development kit. We will use this kit with different scenarios. The possible scenarios are:


         1.     Oversampling

                 Sampling Frequency: 125 MHz,       

                 Input Frequency: 40 MHz - 60 MHz Narrow band signal (Max bandwidth…

  • AD9653 random spikes


    we are using an AD9653 dc-coupled with an ADA4930 as a single-ended to differential converter on a custom board. The ADC is interfaced with an Altera Cyclone V evaluation board. We can capture in a correct way the test patterns on the DDR interface…