• ad9649 Linux driver

    We plan to use an ad9649 to capture a clocked analog signal at ~10MHz. The source has a symetric clock signal and a single-ended analog signal in the 0..1V range.

    I noticed that this ADC family (there's a handful that uses the same register settings…

  • AD9649 single-ended clock

    In the AD9649 data sheet, it mentions that a single-ended clock input can be used if the other input is bypassed to ground with a capacitor.

    However, the data sheet only vaguely mentions what the tradeoffs / use cases for a single-ended clock would be…

  • AD9649 input transformer

    Hi all,

    In the clock input options section of the datasheet of the AD9649 ADC, the recommended transformer is a mini-circuit ADT1-1WT which has a 75 ohms input impedance while the matching impedance seems to be 50 ohms. Is it ok with this transformer…

  • Interfacing AD9649 with Zedboard FPGA

    I have a zedboard and would like to interface it with the AD9649 with the ADC-FMC-INT Evaluation board. I found the reference design AD9649 Evaluation Board, FMC Interposer & Xilinx KC705 Reference Design [Analog Devices Wiki]  but it is for Microblaze…

  • Output Enable Configuration for AD9649

    I am trying to read output from my board with an AD9649 ADC.  I can read the ID and Grade, and I can write and readback all of the memory registers, but I don't see the data correctly.  I want to run a test such as when setting reg 0x0D, but the bits…

  • AD9649: Switching clocks and input

    We plan to use the AD9649 in combination with an (existing!) system that switches between about 20 inputs using an analog mux of sorts. Each input provides an analog signal and a clock. The sample clocks run at about 8MHz. The clocks are not synchronized…

  • Power Sequence for AD9649


    Is there a power supply sequence between AVDD and DRVDD of the AD9649?

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  • Interface suggestion for AD9649

    I have a customer that has asked questions about interfacing the OPA857 to the AD9649. The application uses an APD connected to the OPA857 ( TIA ). Here's their questions with my comments. I generated 2 options ( I'll attach schematics if I can - sorry…

  • AD9649 Chip configuration registers


    I have a question AD9649 configuration registers.

    1. What is mean stripes?

    2.How to use couldn't be understood about a register of address 0x19-0x1C.

       If you know please teach me.

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  • AD9649-80 analog input range


    I have 2 boards with AD9649-80 out of 5 same boards that the input analog range is smaller : 1.2 Vptp instead of 2 Vptp. I used a DC analog input to check this.

    I use  the 1V internal reference  and also measured the Vref pin which is  0.990 V.

    I use…