• AD9648 Noise floor

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have some information about the thermal + quantization noise of the AD9648?



  • AD9648 Rbias


    We are looking at using the  AD9648, and we can't find a description of the Rbias pin.  However, the eval board user's guide states:


    RBIAS has a default setting of 10 kΩ (R206) to ground and is used to set the ADC core bias current…

  • AD9648 VCM

    Hi Team,

    I'm planning to use AD9648 in one of my application with dual channel configuration with different frequency of operation, one is around 40 MHz and another is 2 MHz, and I would like to understand about VCM pin connection. I'm using with transformer…

  • AD9648 dual ADC configuration

    Hi, I would like to know/understand the configuration of AD9648-105 based on below requirements. We are using AD9648 dual channel ADC instead of two AD9255-105 parts.

    1st channel i/p freq: 19-40 MHz

    2nd channel i/p freq: 190-2189 kHz.

    Ref clock: 100…

  • AD9648 EVAL gerber


    Can you support AD9648 EVAL Gerber files?

    The shape of the PAD in the Datasheet and the UG-003 document is different.
    Should the PAD be divided and designed as described in UG-003?




    Thank you

  • AD9648 differential driver

    I use LMH6554(TI Amp;litude) to drive AD9648.

    Input signal:  DC-200MHZ wide-band , 0-1V DC signal

    I have read datasheet,AN-742,AN-827,and make some tests.

       L23、L27(270NH) is much better than  L23、L27(0R resistor).  However, the result wasn't good enough…

  • AD9648 going wild


    We have a problem with AD9648 going wild.

    The sample clock is 50 - 100 MHz (tried different frequencies, fixed when started), and the data starts off looking good and goes stepwise worse.

    Any suggestions for possible problems?

    (the pictures show…

  • AD9648 Slave Registers

    I'm looking at the SPI interface for the AD9648 ADC.   Ap note AN-877 says that the data sheet should define which registers are slaves that need a transfer command (register 0FFh).    I've looked through the data sheet and the web and I can't find which…

  • AD9648 - DCO clock at startup

    We are experiencing an issue that happens quite infrequently (once every few hundred to maybe a thousand power ON cycles) but when it does - the DCO clock coming from the AD9648 is missing (stuck HIGH). The input clock is fed by a Silabs programmable…

  • Regarding adc AD9648

    Hello All,

    I have designed custom board based on AD9268 evaluation board which is recommended by ADI in which I am using four no. of AD9648 adc's and output is going to KINTEX-7 FPGA. I have started testing of adc's

    .Input to adc is sine wave…