• AD9645 Evaluation Board

    Is there an evaluation board for the AD9645?


    The evaluation board for the AD9645 actually supports the entire family, which
    ranges from
    80 MSPS to 125 MSPS, and from 12-bit to 14-bit.  The 12-bit pin-compatible
    device is called the AD9635.

  • Synchronize multiple AD9645

    I have a design that uses dual AD9645s.  Currently they are both clocked with a 1x sample rate clock, so they stay synchronized.

    We would like to test with a higher speed reference clock, but I am concerned that once we use the internal clock divider the…

  • AD9645 Highest Input Clock Frequency

    What is the highest input clock frequency supported by the AD9645 family?


    The maximum input clock frequency is 1 GSPS but the maximum sampling rate is
    125Msps.  The AD9645 family supports a clock divider function (up to divide by
    8) to support…

  • AD9645 Reduction in Power Consumption

    Is there the ability to further reduce the power consumption of the AD9645?


    Yes, by means of configuring the device via the serial port control.  There are
    two LVDS output swing levels supported, so depending on the trace length, the

  • AD9645 : usage of S-Parameter file


    I have a question about "S-Parameter" file which is linked from AD9645 product page.

    This file is not a S-Parameter but a calculation tool to see input impedance.
    I'd like to confirm how to use this…

  • AD9645 in a 5mm x 5mm 32-lead package

    How is the AD9645 residing in a small 5mm x 5mm 32-lead package?


    The AD9645 family output data interface consists of 2 serial LVDS lanes per ADC
    channel.  This reduces the number of traces required to the receiving FPGA (or
    asic).  A data output…

  • Recommended ADC driver and clock distribution devices for the AD9645

    What are the recommended ADC driver and clock distribution devices?


    Companion products are dependent on the configuration of the signal chain.  For
    differential RF or IF paths, we recommend the ultra-low distortion ADL5562
    amplifier.  For DC-coupled…

  • RE: I want to run an AD9645 at 93MHz period. Can I get away without SPI and is there VHDL code?

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for considering the AD9645. The AD9645 works in a default mode without SPI commands. If you keep CSB high the SPI port is disabled.

    If you use AD9645 in non-SPI mode, please be sure to comply with the instructions in the POWER AND GROUND…

  • RE: need suggestion for thermal sensor ADC

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for your interest in ADI ADCs. Is a dual (2 channel) device sufficient? If so, please review the AD9645 ( www.analog.com/.../ad9645.html ).

    Thank you.